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Homeschool Q & A – With My Husband!

I get lots of questions about homeschooling and I decided to bring Jared in for a Q & A video because homeschooling does not fall completely on my shoulders, it’s something we do as we live life together as a family.

In the video we are tackling these:

  • how is unschooling going?
  • what if your husband isn’t on board with homeschooling?
  • what is your favorite part of homeschooling?
  • how do you make sure you are following your local curriculum?
  • how do we manage with extra curricular activities?
  • how to we make individual Bible reading part of kids’ day?
  • how do we homeschool while adjusting to a new foster care placement?
  • with not requiring a lot of book work, do our kids ever revolt when asked to do something?
  • how do we plan your homeschool year?
  • how do we keep records of what we’ve covered?
  • do we foresee any future concerns with homeschooling?
  • how has your teaching degree helped with homeschooling?
  • how do you make sure your kids are getting enough socialization?


Homeschool Q & A With My Husband - what about socialization, unschooling, following the curriculum and more!




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