Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Chapter Six & Epilogue

    Welcome to our last Simplicity Parenting book club discussion! You can view also view discussion one, two and three. I’ve really enjoyed re-reading this book and am glad that I have it to re-read over the years. My copy is now all highlighted up and I’m sure I’ll be borrowing it out to friends. Thank you to everyone who joined in for this online book club! Now, let’s get on to the last couple of chapters . . .   CHAPTER SIX – FILTERING OUT THE ADULT WORLD   The pressure is off when childhood is no longer seen as an “enrichment opportunity” but instead as an unfolding experience –…


    Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Chapters Four & Five

    Welcome to week three, also known as the second last week of the Simplicity Parenting book club! Next week I will be finishing off the discussion with chapters six and the epilogue. If you missed the previous weeks you can see week one here and week two here.   CHAPTER FOUR – RHYTHM I used to balk at the word rhythm, conjuring up visuals of an unending boring routine. I truly enjoy change, I welcome, embrace and go looking for change and for so long I was afraid of any word that I viewed as the opposite (rhythm, routine, tradition, etc), but in the last while I’ve actually come to enjoy the…


    Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Chapters Two & Three

    I just finished reading through the book earlier this week and I am excited to chat about all the chapters. Today we will be discussing chapters two and three. Here’s what’s coming up in the next two weeks: September 19 – chapters 4 & 5 September 26 – chapter 6 & epilogue What I love about re-reading books is how different sections and quotes jump out at me each time. Unfortunately the first time I read through this one I read a library book but there have been times before when I’ve read a book I own a few times over and I try to use a different color of…


    Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Introduction & Chapter One

    Welcome to the first week of our Simplicity Parenting book club! This week will be be chatting about the introduction and chapter 1, here’s the schedule for the rest of the book: September 12 – chapters 2 & 3 September 19 – chapters 4 & 5 September 26 – chapter 6 & epilogue This book was a re-read for me. I believe I read it for the first time about four years ago. What I really enjoy about the book is how practical and straight forward it is. The idea of simplicity parenting is not a hard one to grasp but it can be a difficult one to actually follow…


    Simplicity Parenting – A Free Online Book Club

    You know those books that people just rave and rave about? Simplicity Parenting is one of those books. I read it for myself a number of years ago and really enjoyed it and have been meaning to read it again it as we have been in this season in our family life right now where I think it would be the perfect time to re-read it. The sub-title for the book is: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids – seriously, what parent doesn’t want that?! I took a poll in my Instagram stories a few days ago and asked if a) people would be interested…