Birthday Escape Room/Scavenger Hunt & Interview – Ephraim is SEVEN!

    Last week was Ephraim’s seventh birthday! Honestly, I always get a little teary on his birthday when I think about how we missed the first year and a half of his life but I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to spend the last five and a half together. Since we weren’t doing a party on his birthday (we’ll do one when we can) I wanted to make the day a little more special and so I decided he would find his gift at the end of an escape room/scavenger hunt. I made a video of his birthday but I also wanted to write out how we did the escape…


    Escape Room Style Easter Scavenger Hunt

    I had so much fun making an Escape Room for the kids a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to use what I had learned during that process and make an Escape Room Style Easter Scavenger Hunt. I didn’t take any photos during the hunt because I was having so much fun watching them figure everything out but I’ll explain exactly what we did. I’ll even share all the clues we made and you can use them as is if that works for you/your home or you can change them or use different clues but using what I share as a guide. One of the ways I know the…


    An Easy DIY Escape Room for Kids

    At the beginning of last week I had a random-middle-of-the-night idea to make a DIY escape room for my kids. I’m not normally big into planning activities for my kids, Raeca often asks for a scavenger hunt for her birthday and that’s about the extent of it. But for whatever reason the idea came into my head and I got really excited about it. I searched on Pinterest for ideas and of course I got a few ideas but there was no ready-made escape room, it was a lot of getting little ideas here and there.     I wanted to keep the escape room simple (for me) and didn’t…