Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray – Great for Toilets!

    I started looking for natural beauty and cleaner recipes a few years ago, I found a few good ingredients and recipes that I liked and that’s where I stopped. I always meant to find more recipes for other cleaners I wanted to replace but I never got around to it. Until this weekend. I was going to clean our bathrooms only to find that we were out of toilet bowl cleaner. The last toilet bowl cleaner I bought had been “natural” (I didn’t look at the ingredients so I can’t attest to how natural it really was) and it barely worked. Honestly, I don’t think it worked, it was my…


    Things I No Longer Buy – Resulting in Cheaper, Greener Living

      Two sidenotes before we begin: One: This post is going to sound like it was sponsored by Norwex, it’s not. I just seriously love their stuff. I’ve actually thought about selling their products because I’m constantly raving about them but for right now I’ll just continue sounding like a spokesperson for the company. Two: I wrote a post with this title two years ago but a number of things have changed so instead of just updating the old post I decided to write a completely new one. Over the last five years or so I’ve really been making an effort to live a life of less, I don’t think…


    Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of essential oil recipes, some having been working (like this soap recipe and an awesome tub scrub -recipe coming soon!) and others not so much (like diy shampoo, can we say greasy much?). I’m excited to share this thieves oil foaming soap recipe because it’s one I’ve been loving lately. Thieves oil is said to kill germs so that’s why it’s the oil of choice for soap. Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap Items Needed: empty foam soap dispenser (I just used one from Bath & Body Works that I had finished up) 1 cup water 2 tbsp Castile soap 1/4 tsp carrier oil…