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Weather Mini Unit Study Resources

We’ve been continuing with our Monday mini unit studies in as part of our homeschool rhythm and our next topic of study was weather!

I actually gave the kids the option between butterflies and weather and this is what they both chose. I was actually surprised by that choice.

Weather is a broad topic and we definitely didn’t cover everything in one afternoon but we learned some stuff we didn’t know and that’s kind of the goal here. Little bits of learning all add up!


Free Weather Unit Study Resources


I gathered all the books I had from the library on weather as well as ones we had around the house and we picked a few to look through and read.

I created a list of weather books a couple of months ago, many of which we used for this little unit study.

A couple more books we used that aren’t on that list are:

Nature Anatomy

Usborne Storms and Hurricanes

Usborne Weather (in an edition so old I can’t even find a link for it)


Free Weather Unit Study Resources


The weather fact I put up on the letter board was:

Wind doesn’t make a sound until it blows against an object.

One of my children gets very frightened by the sound of wind and when they heard this fact they decided wind really wasn’t that scary then. #scienceforthewin


Free Weather Unit Study Resources


I remembered making a tornado in a bottle in elementary school and it was something I wanted to do with the kids. The one I remembered involved two large pop bottles and a piece of plastic, but honestly, the little plastic piece was $5 and I didn’t want to have to order it and wait for it to come in so we just made a mini tornado with a water bottle, water and glitter. It wasn’t as impressive but it worked.

Here’s the one I originally wanted to make:



Here’s what we made instead:



We also watched a couple of educational videos about weather from some of our favorite kids science YouTube channels:






And that’s really all there was to our mini unit study on weather!

If we would have taken more time/had the kids shown more interest in the topic I would have printed out the Clouds Fact Cards that we have from Brave Grown Home that we got in a previous bundle, maybe we’ll do that if/when we study the topic in the future.

If you have suggestions on other topics we should study in the future, I would love to hear them, I’m currently keeping a running list of ideas!

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