AUTUMN BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS – great mystery & suspense, classics, science fiction & YA books!

    Last year I realized that autumn is my absolute favorite season. In previous years autumn had always been overshadowed by the fact that our cold Canadian prairie winters were coming. But last year I was able to appreciate autumn for all that it is: sweaters and wearing layers, the changing color of the trees, the leaves on the ground, the crisp mornings, hot cocoa and curling up with a good book by the fireplace. This year I am just as excited, or possibly a little more, for my autumn reading. Last year I created a list of some great autumnal reads and this year I wanted to make another list…


    RE-TRY OR UNHAUL? ✨ you decide what I should do with these books!

    There’s a bunch of books that I’ve quite for one reason or another in the last while and I thought it would be fun to let you vote and decide which one I should try again! The rest of the books will get unhauled soon so choose wisely! I’ll announce the winner later this month when I share my August TBR. Go ahead and vote below!     Loading…


    the BEST FOSTER CARE FICTION BOOKS plus a fostering update

    I thought I would share a bonus video this week with a bit of a fostering update. Plus, I’m sharing a few of my favorite fiction books that have foster care themes. We’ve been fostering for just over a year and a half right now and all of my other updates have been via blog post. You can see our foster care timeline here and all the blog posts about fostering here.     Watch the foster care update:   Specific fostering blog posts you may be interested in: And Just Like That, They’re Gone One Year Fostering Update R2D2 Gets a Sidekick One Year with R2     THE…