she’s gone – A FOSTERING UPDATE

    Well, it was definitely time for a bit of a fostering update! Thanks so much for your prayers during our foster care journey. You can check out our foster care timeline here. (I guess it’s a bit outdated now, I’ll update that soon!) As well, you can read a bit more about BB8 and our time with her here.        


    FOSTER CARE UPDATE & what if you don’t agree with the system? & other foster care Q&As

    I wanted to share a little bit of a foster care update today and answer a couple more foster care questions I get asked. Question I will be tackling included: what do the kids call you? what does the timeline look like for going home/how much notice do you get? what if you don’t agree with the system? how much control do you have over the ages you have in your home? If you haven’t yet watched my previous foster care Q & A I would recommend doing that as well. Oh, and you can see our foster care timeline here.    


    FOSTER CARE Q&A – adoption? the hardest part? saying no?

    This month marks two year since we started the process to be approved to be a foster family. It’s crazy how much life has changed and the number of kids in our home has gone up and down since then! And now we are approaching the time in the lives of our current foster kids where they have almost been in our home for as long as the time before they were in our home.     I want to continue to use this blog to raise awareness for foster care and adoption and I’m branching out to include YouTube in this as well. I may be that weird person…


    the BEST FOSTER CARE FICTION BOOKS plus a fostering update

    I thought I would share a bonus video this week with a bit of a fostering update. Plus, I’m sharing a few of my favorite fiction books that have foster care themes. We’ve been fostering for just over a year and a half right now and all of my other updates have been via blog post. You can see our foster care timeline here and all the blog posts about fostering here.     Watch the foster care update:   Specific fostering blog posts you may be interested in: And Just Like That, They’re Gone One Year Fostering Update R2D2 Gets a Sidekick One Year with R2     THE…


    One Year With R2D2 – Another Fostering Update

    Wow, here we are. I can’t believe that today marks one year that R2D2 has been with us! This is the longest we’ve ever had a placement and truth be told: we’re pretty attached to him. The last year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, mainly because we have no idea what is going on with R2 in regards to how long he will be in our home. It feels like we just wrap our minds around one idea (like him staying or him going home soon) and then it changes. A couple of weeks ago I figured he would probably be out of our home by the end of…