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I mentioned last week that we have been waiting for some answers – I haven’t really shared about it on here but Jared has been sick for the last month and a half. He got some tests done a couple of weeks ago and last week the doctor was able to call us with an answer -he has tested positive for celiac disease.

While it is nice to finally have an answer, it is definitely going to be a learning curve. If you were to stop by our house today you would see piles of gluten-filled food on the counter in my quest to banish all things containing gluten. There are so many things to think about; cross contamination (between foods or utensils/dishes), all the items that may contain gluten and the list of unsafe ingredients is about a mile long and, I think, impossible to memorize.

Thankfully there has been a big movement towards gluten-free eating in the last couple of years and that will help tremendously. Right now I would love to hear if you have any resources; favorite recipes, blogs, cookbooks, places to buy gluten-free food (which seems to be much harder in Canada than the US and even harder here in Saskatchewan than some of the more populated provinces).

The beautiful rainbows above reminds me that God is faithful, He will see us through everything.

I would love it if you would keep us in your prayers during this transition, and especially for Jared, that he will start to see (and feel) some improvement soon.

with love,

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! But, such a relief to finally know what’s going on. It sure is a big change for all of you, and I sadly can’t help out with any resources. Thankfully, God is faithful, and He is with you guys each step of the way! I’ll be praying for you all. Beautiful rainbow pic, too!

  2. Praying for you — I know how it goes with a gluten free kitchen, as my husband can’t eat it either. The basics to avoid are modified corn starch and gluten. After that it’s just about finding alternatives. You’ll make it through ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So thankful you have answers now but I can imagine the changes reqd. we went vegetarian and little processed foods for almost 4 yrs because I had alot of health /digestive issues after my second baby and during that time I was tested for celiac disease (wasn’t the issue turns out it was my gallbladder) but being sick for a long time – I know how awful it probably was for him and you and not knowing why?!
    Thankfully there are more foods GF avail now. Will you and lil R go GF also?

    Love that rainbow picture – wow-(and double rainbows?!) what an amazing artist our Lord is!!!

    Will pray for you all!!!

    1. Right now my plan is for Raeca and I to finish out eating the gluten filled foods at home and then I think we will go GF -at least at home, I think it’s just easier to keep the kitchen clean that way.

  4. Oh, I hope he feels better soon! It’s a major lifestyle change, but one I think will do your whole family some good as far as your health is concerned. It’s one thing to change your diet willingly, but to be made to do so because of a health circumstance? I send you big prayers and hugs.

  5. I’m glad that he was able to get some answers. That will be a lot to learn all at once but thankfully your family will be healthier because of it ๐Ÿ™‚ The only gluten free food that I know is gluten free is honey nut chex because my husband loves them. I just started the paleo diet and that is all about clean eating. One good blog is “the clothes make the girl”

  6. Ahhh praying for your family and for Jared!
    A lot of people I know are starting to transition to the gluten-free diet. It’s so difficult at first, but I think it works the best when people around them are willing to accomodate. I’m sure you know this but even shampoos/lotions can cause problems so it’s good to find gluten-free stuff. What a time of transition for you guys. I pray for things to go smoothly and that resources will be found!!

    1. Oh yes, Jared has been researching and came across the shampoo and lotion thing, and apparently some hand sanitizers too. It’s pretty crazy to find out what all contains gluten!

  7. I’ll be praying for you guys! This is a time of transition but I pray for it to go smoothly. I also pray resources will be found. Do you guys need to worry about shampoos and lotions as well? I know my friend avoids anything that has gluten in it including the shampoos he uses.

  8. Glad you have an answer…so do not envy Jared. I love, love my bread! Praying that the adjustments will go well and that you will soon be able to once again pursue your dream.

  9. So sorry to hear hubby’s been sick ๐Ÿ™ Has to be so difficult to make a big huge change like that. Praying you’ll keep sane as you walk through this new venture… let Him go before you ๐Ÿ™‚ -prayers- lauren

  10. So glad for an accurate diagnosis! Will be praying for you as there are many changes to make, and much healing that needs to take place. I have gone gluten free before, and need to try it again. I have discovered Dad’s Nutrition has alternative options…and helpful staff. I love substituting spaghetti squash for pasta, and incorporating zucchini/butternut squash/pumpkin/etc. for a gluten-free side dish. Actually, using sliced zucchini in lasagna, instead of the lasagna noodles, is really yummy too! All the best!

    1. Oh, I never thought about Dad’s Nutrition, I’ll have to look into it, thanks Stace!

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