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Free Four-Year-Old Preschool Curriculum

I am really excited about our preschool year this year. I feel like a learned a lot last year and it’s really helped me to simplify and streamline our curriculum for this year.

Ephraim has really surprised me with how much quickly he catches on to learning, because he is such a rough and tumble, physical kind of boy I thought he wouldn’t have time for the idea of sitting for a few minutes and intentionally learning but I was so wrong! He’s not going to sit for hours on end but we’ve been able to do a lot more “book work” than I had guessed.

Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

Last year I tried the idea of doing one simple thing a day with him and while the idea was good in theory our routine was not consistent enough for that. Keeping that in mind I decided to make a weekly curriculum for this year. That way if his attention is really great one day we can get most of it done that day and if it’s not we can space it out throughout the week.

In case you missed it, I did share our homeschool schedule last week, in a nutshell the morning the kids spend in mostly having free play and we do our intentional school work after lunch.

Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

Our goals for preschool this year are:

* learning to read
* a weekly Bible story
* a monthly memory verse
* weekly nursery rhymes
* an fun, age appropriate picture book for the week
* counting to 20 (somehow 14, 15 & 16 are always skipped)
* learning our phone number and address

Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

I’ve laid out our whole curriculum for the year in a simple enough way that it will be easy to consistently stick with it. As far as subjects like science go, we are just going to be following his interests, there is lots of time to stick to a schedule for that in the years to come, right now I just want to teach him more about what already captures his attention.

While our preschool curriculum may not be for everyone I thought I would make it available for anyone who wants a simple, and yet effective, preschool curriculum to follow.

I thought about the best way to share the curriculum and how it would be the most beneficial for me as I follow along, for me that would be in a form that would be easy to access from my phone and check off the weeks as we go. So, I roped my techie husband into turning it into an app!

Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

The app is totally free and includes:

* the weekly reading lessons
* a new picture book to read each week
* monthly memory verses
* weekly Bible stories
* weekly nursery rhymes

You can download the app for Android now right here.

Because we are an Android family we got that app ready first, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my Apple loving friends. The iOS version is in the works! If you want to be notified when that’s available you can sign up here and I’ll send you an email when it’s up.

If you are an Apple user and don’t want to wait for the app or just prefer paper you can purchase the curriculum PDF here.

Free Weekly Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds - simple and effective!

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