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Our (Free) Grade 1 Spanish Curriculum

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing how I am planning our practically free grade one curriculum. Today I’m sharing our Spanish curriculum and other installments include:

If you are looking for ways to save money in your homeschool without skimping on education make sure to come back and check out the other posts in the next few weeks!

Living in Canada the obvious second language to learn is French, but Spanish has always been more interesting to me (because most of the countries I’d like to visit are Spanish speaking and it was also my Grandma’s second language since she was born and raised in Mexico) so that is the additional language I’m choosing to teach my children.

I’ve personally been using Duolingo for the past 5 months and while it is working pretty well for me I don’t think it would be a great way for a grade one child to learn another language.

Before I share this list, I just want to point out one area I left out, one that is usually my go to: books. I intentionally will not be reading Spanish books at least in the beginning of the school year because I feel like my pronunciation is pretty terrible and I’d rather not have my kids have bad habits or pronunciation because of mine. That and the fact that I can not read a whole lot of Spanish words yet so it would probably just be a painful experience all around. Maybe in another few months I’ll change my mind on this but for now that’s where I stand.

How we are adding Spanish into our grade 1 year for free.


  • colors
  • numbers 1-20
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • introductory phrases and greetings (“my name is”, “good morning”, etc)
  • animals

Here’s how we plan on doing it:


Singing is a great way for kids to learn and remember what they have been taught. How often do we remember songs from our childhood and start singing them just to realize we remember nearly all the words?

Some of our favorite songs from YouTube have been:







I came across the idea of playing BINGO where the sheets have pictures of objects (or what I’d like to do is animals) and then you call out the Spanish word for that animal (or color, number, food, etc). It would be great practice for everyone involved.


Once we know more objects I’d love to label things around the house with the Spanish word, I think it would be a great reminder to use Spanish throughout the day.


And that’s it! It’s a pretty light year but with it being our first year homeschooling I don’t want to add too much in and have us all get overwhelmed. I’d rather have lower expectations for learning a second language and have to add in additional stuff throughout the year than have a big plan and not reach it.

Do you have any free Spanish resources
you would add in?

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