• An Incomplete List of 2023 Reading Challenges and Readathons

    an incomplete LIST of the 2023 READING CHALLENGES & READATHONS

    I highly doubt that most blogging gurus would suggest naming a list blog post an incomplete one, but I’m not going to lie, this list will not include all the 2023 reading challenges out there. That just seems like setting myself up for failure. Thus, an incomplete list. I do plan on coming back to this list throughout the year as I come across new challenges but if you know of some coming up that I am unaware of, I would love for you to leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list! That all being said, I attempted to do this last year and completely failed.…

  • Merry Christmas!

    have yourself a merry little CHRISTMAS

    I just wanted to pop in with a quick little Christmas post today. We’re celebrating our family Christmas a day early due to other family get togethers so this morning is officially our Christmas. Last night the kids unwrapped a family gift (it’s always a board game but some how they always forget that) so we played the game after they unwrapped it and it was fun, I think it was a good pick. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, I’ll be back in a few days and will probably be 110% into goal setting mode (if past experience is any indicator). Merry Christmas!

  • Flow Puzzle

    rating all the PUZZLES I’ve done

    Last year I really started getting into puzzling. Not to the point where I am watching puzzle channels on YouTube (in case you are wondering, yes, they do exist). But, I’ve realized that winter is a great season for doing puzzles, since it’s chilly outside I can sit inside with a cup of my homemade hot cocoa and just work on a puzzle. For some reason I find them very relaxing and sometimes that’s just what I need. Earlier this week I came across someone who had a blog post of all their favorite puzzles. While I would like to write a post like that at some point, I don’t…

  • New Year - New Things!

    the beginning of 2023 goal setting

    I love the time between Christmas and New Years, it’s when I go hard on goal setting. But apparently I’ve started a little earlier this year because it’s not even Christmas and I feel like I have most of my goals for the year figured out. I’m not going to be sharing most of them today but just wanted to pop in and say that I will be back to using this space on a regular basis and it will be my main/only blog going forward! I’m not really sure who I am telling this because I haven’t used it much so there aren’t many people on the site these…

  • 2023 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge Announcement - a reading prompt for every month of the year

    announcing the 2023 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE!! – reading prompts for every month of the year

    Welcome to year FOUR of the Read Your Bookshelf Challenge! This is a low pressure reading challenge with reading prompts for every month of the year. Plus, like always with my Read Your Bookshelf Challenges – there’s a giveaway involved! Watch the video and/or read the rest of the post to find out more details on the prompts and the giveaway. Also, at the bottom of this post there will also be a printable to go with the challenge for you. If you like all things books I would love for you to subscribe to my BookTube channel and follow me on Instagram! 2023 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE This year each of the…