• Flow Puzzle

    rating all the PUZZLES I’ve done

    Last year I really started getting into puzzling. Not to the point where I am watching puzzle channels on YouTube (in case you are wondering, yes, they do exist). But, I’ve realized that winter is a great season for doing puzzles, since it’s chilly outside I can sit inside with a cup of my homemade hot cocoa and just work on a puzzle. For some reason I find them very relaxing and sometimes that’s just what I need. Earlier this week I came across someone who had a blog post of all their favorite puzzles. While I would like to write a post like that at some point, I don’t…

  • New Year - New Things!

    the beginning of 2023 goal setting

    I love the time between Christmas and New Years, it’s when I go hard on goal setting. But apparently I’ve started a little earlier this year because it’s not even Christmas and I feel like I have most of my goals for the year figured out. I’m not going to be sharing most of them today but just wanted to pop in and say that I will be back to using this space on a regular basis and it will be my main/only blog going forward! I’m not really sure who I am telling this because I haven’t used it much so there aren’t many people on the site these…

  • 2023 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge Announcement - a reading prompt for every month of the year

    announcing the 2023 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE!! – reading prompts for every month of the year

    Welcome to year FOUR of the Read Your Bookshelf Challenge! This is a low pressure reading challenge with reading prompts for every month of the year. Plus, like always with my Read Your Bookshelf Challenges – there’s a giveaway involved! Watch the video and/or read the rest of the post to find out more details on the prompts and the giveaway. Also, at the bottom of this post there will also be a printable to go with the challenge for you. If you like all things books I would love for you to subscribe to my BookTube channel and follow me on Instagram! 2023 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE This year each of the…

  • Craving Rest - Poured Out Podcast

    craving REST

    Welcome to podcast episode 3 where we talk about craving rest and solitude vs. isolation.  

  • Poured Out Podcast

    I delete negative comments & how we navigate social media

    Welcome to “episode two” of this thing that will eventually be a podcast – maybe? We’ll see. Today we’re discussing how we use social media and some of the benefits and drawbacks. Oh, and how I delete negative comments because I have thin skin so leave nice ones please.