It Was Never Random

Adoption - It's Never Random

On the weekend someone asked me if we had adopted Ephraim. I always laugh a little inside when people ask, especially when they have seen both me and Jared; two people as white as us don’t usually produce children as brown as Ephraim. But I understand the question, it’s a polite and safe way to approach the subject and I enjoy talking adoption with people.

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The Best Gluten Free All -Purpose Flour

Can one be a hippie without milling your own rice flour? Absolutely!

Can one mill your own rice flour without feeling like a hippie? I don’t think so.

The Best Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Mix - it can be used cup for cup to replace regular flour in most recipes!

Now, before you start getting all worried, you can totally just buy rice flour, you do not need to mill your own. But shortly after getting diagnosed with celiac Jared did some math and figured with the amount of GF flour we’d be using it would be cheaper for us to buy a good mill and mill our own rice flour.

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11 Tips For Adding More Plants into Your Diet

Tips for Beginning a Plant Based Diet

Anyone else remember this line from Bambi: “Eating greens is a special treat, it gives long ears and great big feet.”? Well, I don’t want the long ears and great big feet but I am eating more greens so we’ll see what happens . . .

Surprisingly I haven’t shared about this at all online but last year was a hard one for me physically.

Long story very short, after a number of doctor, specialist appointments and a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in September. I’ll probably write out the whole story one of these days, for now the short version will do.

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Comfort or Character? And How I’m Changing What I Pray For My Children

How I'm praying for character over comfort for my children (and myself)

When I was reading Sacred Parenting a few weeks ago I literally stopped in my tracks (I was listening to the audiobook) when I heard this line:

What do I value for my children; comfort or character?

Every night I pray with my children I usually ask for some variation of protection for their safety and lately I’ve been feeling convicted about it every time the words are out of my mouth.

I think it is completely natural for us as parents to want our kids to be safe, but Christ didn’t call us to lead a life of safety.

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