Art Journaling 101

Art Journaling 101 - a free e-course introduction to art journaling

Once upon a time I used to be into scrapbooking. But to be honest, I was never really any good at it. I blame the fact that all the books and magazines displayed absolutely perfect pages and I couldn’t live up to those standards. Don’t get me wrong, I can do perfectionism, but maybe a bit too much. I found it paralyzing.

So, imagine my excitement a few years ago when I stumbled onto the idea of art journaling – a way to express my creativity, minus the perfectionism. Oh, and without the need to keep up with the oddles of photos I take.

It was bliss, let me tell you.

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Art Journal Process / 001

Abstract Mixed Media Journal and video with process.

I’ve always had a thing for abstract art. I love creating it myself and admiring the work of others.

I’m going to share a number of different art journal pages over the next while and thought I’d create a little series. Today I’ve got a video of the process of the making of this abstract art journal page.

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Art Supply Hack: Use This Instead of Paint Brushes

Art Supply Hack - Use this instead of paint brushes for your mixed media journal.

Call me weird but I’m not a big fan of paint brushes. I enjoy abstract art and using paint brushes often makes everything feel too intentional and uniform.

Years ago I came across this idea to use these simple objects instead. I love the effect it gives and I often find myself choosing to use these over the traditional paint brush.

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