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The Best Gospel-Centered Parenting Podcasts and Episodes

It may come as a surprise to some who know me, but I don’t just read books. 😉

A few days ago I shared some of my favorite parenting books and I also wanted to share some of my favorite parenting podcasts and episodes.

I listen to a decent amount of podcasts – my favorite times to listen are when I am doing my make up or if I’m baking or making supper and the kids are otherwise occupied. Plus, on the rare occasion I have a car ride without the kids I will listen then.

I have a variety of different podcasts I listen to, most are about general gospel-centered living and not parenting specific but I have a few podcasts and episodes to share.

In case you missed it earlier in the month you can join in on the month long Parenting themed Scripture Writing Challenge at any time.


The Best Parenting and Motherhood Podcasts and Episodes - Gospel Centered Podcasts for Christian Moms




This podcast is one of my favorites though they haven’t had any new episodes in the last year and are no longer making it, but the episodes in their archives are all worth listening to.


Here are two of my favorite episodes:

Calling of Motherhood

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on “The Calling of Motherhood”. We know we have listeners that are full or part time working moms, as well as full or part time stay at home moms. This episode is primarily focused on the latter, and the struggles and challenges that sometimes come along with being a stay at home mom.

We start by discussing our own journey to becoming stay at home moms. Then we talk for a bit about whether or not we ever long for something beyond, or in addition to, this life of full time motherhood. We also cover such issues as contentment, guilt, feeling less than, and embracing our calling as we walk through the different seasons of motherhood. We each offer our own words of encouragement to moms who might be struggling in those areas.


Connecting with our Children

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Busky is leading the discussion on “Connecting With Our Children”. We’re specifically talking about those times when there is a struggle to connect with a child. It might be because they’re going through a difficult stage or there are just big personality differences, but for whatever reason, the connection is tough to find.

First we encourage all of you not to feel guiltily over this. It happens to all of us at one time or another in our parenting journey. Next we discuss why these times of difficulty connecting can occur. And lastly, we offer all sorts of ways we’ve found to connect with our own kids during these seasons.

Mamas, we know mothering is hard work and there are so many difficulties that you never expected to face. This might be one of them.

We pray our words will be an encouragement to you either now or in the years to come.




For some reason it took me until this year to come across this podcast and it quickly became one of my favorites. I appreciate how Heidi always points back to the truth of the Bible, she doesn’t shy from controversial topics, always speaking the truth.

While it is not solely a parenting podcast (I mean, hardly any are), she shares some great parenting advice.


Reaching the Heart of Your Child

Are you struggling with attitudes at your home? Do you wonder how to pass on your values to your kids? Join me as I talk about parenting in today’s culture with one of my favorite guests, Dr. Kathy Koch. You will be encouraged!


Legacy: What Will Yours Be?

How will your kids remember you? As it turns out, the seeds you are sowing right now are important. They’re the building blocks for your legacy. This month at MomStrong International, we’ll be talking about God’s heart for you in the legacy that you leave. It’s more important than you may realize, and more powerful than you may ever comprehend.





How Do I Disciple My Children?

Discipleship can be an intimidating task, but it isn’t out of reach for the everyday mom. It’s living out the gospel in front of our kids, teaching and inviting them to follow Jesus with us. In this episode, Emily and Laura dive into how we disciple our kids, asking, “What is it? How do we do it? And why does it seem so difficult?” We get to faithfully teach our kids to love God and share their faith by showing them how we do it. We won’t disciple them perfectly, but we can trust the Holy Spirit to equip us for the task and change our children’s hearts.


Grace in Discipline

There’s no formula for raising godly children. Instead, we follow the Christ’s example by offering our kids God’s expectations and grace as we disciple them. In this episode, Emily and Laura interview Elyse Fitzpatrick about faithfulness in the early years of motherhood. Elyse is a wife, mom, and prolific author of many books that apply gospel truths to daily life. While we’re called to faithfully nurture, train, and discipline our children according to God’s word, only Jesus can transform their hearts and teach them to love his design. Let’s give our kids the greatest example of faith by being sinners who run to Jesus with them.


Do you have some favorite gospel-centered podcasts and episodes? I would love to hear them!

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  1. One of my favorites is At Home With Sally. Sally Clarkson has such great advice and a world of experience in raising her four grown children, who just sound amazing. She give me hope 🙂 Plus I would like her to be my friend!

    1. I’ve enjoyed many of Sally Clarkson’s podcasts! I tried to listen a few months ago but she was doing a lot of interviews and I am probably weird when it comes to my podcast listening tastes and don’t really like it when most people have guests on. I feel like very few can do it well. But I really liked Sally’s series where she went through their 24 Family Ways, that series was kicking my butt!

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