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R2D2 Gets a Sidekick

I had full intentions of writing a fostering update today. Next Saturday marks one year since R2D2 came into our home, I guess I’ll write that update next week, for now, here’s a mini (or not so mini) update.

On Wednesday we got a call and on Thursday R2D2’s little sister came into our home. In sticking with the Star Wars theme, her nickname online will be BB8.

BB8 was our one exception when we changed our range of acceptance last year.

She isn’t quite six months old and as of right now we have no idea how long she’ll be here.

I’m hoping to have more to share in next week’s update but I just wanted to share this for now.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us on our fostering journey!


If you are curious, our foster care timeline is here.

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