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social services definition of “the weekend”

Just before New Year’s I shared that R2 and BB8 were over. We had gotten a call that they needed a place to stay for “the weekend” and in true social services form, “the weekend” means ten days.

I think a few of us are surprised it ended up only being ten day though.

A week ago I got a call saying it would be at least until the end of the week but there was a possibility that they would officially be going into foster care again but we’d know more in a few days.

A few days later I got a call saying they would be picked up Monday morning.

And that’s actually what happened.

So they are gone again.

What a whirlwind!

My word for the year is TRUST (more on that to come) and I was leaning heavily into that word for those ten days.

Anyway, just wanted to update where things were at in that regard. My word of the year and goals posts will be coming soon!

Here’s a look at our full foster care timeline.

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  1. Foster care is tough and I think the only rule is there are no hard and fast rules! Everything goes. I know you were planning to take a break/close your house, is that still the plan?

    1. Yes, we’ve signed and sent in the papers to be done . . . not an easy decision. And if they call us about these specific kids again I’m not sure what we would say . . .

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