Reading The Land of Stories, Emily of New Moon and Trying a Chapter

    Well, this was a weird week in the world! Thankfully I’m stocked with books and can continue Middle Grade March and reading for months without worrying about running out of materials! What are you reading these days?     BOOK OUTLET REFERRAL LINKS BookOutlet.com (US) BookOutlet.ca (Canada) *If you haven’t ordered BookOutlet there before you can get $10 off your first order with my referral link (and I’ll get $10 too, free books for both of us!).   BOOKTUBERS MENTIONED Lovely Day with Holly Merphy Napier MY BOOK-ISH NEWSLETTER 2020 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE MY MASTER TBR    


    Reading Middle Grade Books as An Adult

    Even though I am an adult I still enjoy reading a good middle grade book. Over on YouTube the month of March is dubbed “Middle Grade March” and so I’ve been reading a higher number of middle grade books than normal this month. A good book can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and there are some really good middle grade books I have read over the years. This week I shared two book-ish videos in regards to middle grade books which you can check out below.     MIDDLE GRADE BOOK TAG I’m having such a blast with Middle Grade March! I was tagged to do the Middle…


    Where I Endlessly Chat About Books (January)

    One of my book-ish goals for 2020 was to try having a BookTube channel. If you are unfamiliar with BookTube it’s just a YouTube channel where one talks about books. The whole video format puts me out of my comfort zone but I like to¬†watch BookTube videos and it’s hard to fully participate in the community without doing video so hence creating a BookTube channel. I’ve shared a few of the videos in book posts throughout the month but I thought maybe I would try just having monthly BookTube wrap up posts where I share all the BookTube videos I shared for the month. You can totally just go to…