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Where I Endlessly Chat About Books (January)

One of my book-ish goals for 2020 was to try having a BookTube channel.

If you are unfamiliar with BookTube it’s just a YouTube channel where one talks about books.

The whole video format puts me out of my comfort zone but I like toΒ watch BookTube videos and it’s hard to fully participate in the community without doing video so hence creating a BookTube channel.

I’ve shared a few of the videos in book posts throughout the month but I thought maybe I would try just having monthly BookTube wrap up posts where I share all the BookTube videos I shared for the month.

You can totally just go to my channel and subscribe and watch the videos there but I know not everyone likes to use YouTube that way so that’s why I decided to make these wrap up posts.

I actually started back in December so this post will include the videos I made in December and January.














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