What We’ve Been Reading Lately – November

    The month of November really surprised me reading wise. I thought I would not finish a single book this month but I actually read a few! It was actually a decent reading month for everyone in our house. I am giving partial credit to our new electric fireplace that we have in the living room, it has become a habit to read by the warmth of the fireplace for a bit almost every evening after the kids go to bed. I also think that partial credit goes to my new Read Your Bookshelf Challenge and my decision to only/mostly* read books I own, I now don’t have to try to…


    Read Your Bookshelf – A 2020 Reading Challenge

    I am excited to do something I have never done for this next year and create a reading challenge! The truth is the last month has made me realize I really need to prioritize my reading. I’ve slowly come to the realization that I want to stop requesting approximately fifity bajillion books from the library and read the books I own. I own a lot of books I haven’t read (mostly because I love thrifting for used books) but if I keep requesting books from the library I usually prioritize those books over my own. Well, things are about to change! In 2020 I almost exclusively want to read books…