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Traveling and Getting Some Rest

Two weeks ago we were so blessed to have the opportunity to spend a few days in Anaheim, California (actually, we were technically in Garden Grove but who has ever heard of that place? We were pretty much a block from Anaheim and a few blocks from Orange County, roll with me here, blame my ignorance on the fact that I live in a province almost void of people, case in point: California has a higher population than all of Canada, have you seen how much land we have up here for so few people?).

I admit, we were on the fence on whether or not it was actually going to happen. A person feels kind of guilty going on a trip when you are trying to save thousands of dollars for an adoption but we decided to go anyway. Lucky for us Jared was going for a conference so his flight, food and the hotel were completely paid for, making it a much cheaper trip for us than it would normally be.

Since we took the cheapest flights possible our travel time ended up being about 14 hours (we stopped in Minneapolis, then Portland then on to LAX). And then the same in reverse for the way home. Thankfully Raeca is such a good traveler (even when she threw up on one of the flights home, which ended up all over her and me).

Jared had his conference each day and was busy pretty much from 8-5 so Raeca and I spent our mornings walking around the neighborhood and catching buses to do some shopping. Actually, it’s more like I walked and either I carried Raeca or pushed her in the stroller (no need for workouts on this trip). All the time outdoors wiped the kid right out and she had a nap each afternoon so I hung out quietly in the hotel (recovering from my earlier workout). One morning Raeca and I even got to met up with Amanda.

In the evening we got to go out as a family. One night we met Kevin & Katie for supper (I’m going to do a separate post on my blogger meet ups), one evening we went to Disneyland, and the other two were spent doing a little shopping.

It was low key but it turns out the trip was exactly the break that we needed. The weather was beautiful and rejuvenating. By the time we came home we felt so rested (mentally, that is).

Here are a few photos from our time:

Where is a restful destination for you?