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Uganda {February 3-6}

Well, our flights went pretty much according to plan, we had a couple of delays but only ended up being 2 hours later than expected -not too bad considering all the travel. We did make a couple more stops than expected, after Toronto we stopped in at Montreal and after Brussels we stopped in at Kigali, Rwanda.

Raeca did really well with the flying, better than I ever expected. Within five minutes of taking off on the first flight she was asleep. She slept for about an hour from Saskatoon-Toronto and then 3 hours from Montreal to Brussels, 2-3 hours from Brussels to Kigali and then the whole 35 minute flight from Kigali to Entebbe.

We arrived safely in Entebbe at 1:10am local time on Sunday (which would have been 4:10pm on Saturday in Saskatchewan). As soon as we stepped of the plane we were welcomed by heat and humidity -it reminded me so much of stepping off the plane in Grenada.

Once we got our visitors visas we were greeted by Tyler who brought us to a hotel for the night. Despite being really tired we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, maybe because Raeca refused to sleep in the playpen and so she ‘slept’ with us -more like poked, jabbed and flailed.

On Sunday we switched hotels in the morning and went to Nicky’s Pizza for lunch. The pizza was baked in the fire -so delicious.

In the afternoon we went to a pool for a little while. Raeca decided she wasn’t very daring and Jared ended up getting more wet than she did.

For supper the hotel made a huge meal on an open fire and we ate at tables outside. After we were done eating we put the kids to bed and stayed out at the tables talking, and the staff brought out lanterns for light.

Monday morning we had breakfast at the hotel (banana pancakes for me and Rae), loaded up the car and began the drive down to Kabale. The roads/traffic here are incredible. The roads are so narrow with so many people, cars, bikes, motorbikes, taxis, cows, etc and they have no traffic lights, you just go when you can and honk if someone is in your way.

For lunch we stopped at Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara -our total bill was 66,500 shillings, the currency here has me so confused.

We arrived at Tyler and Michelle’s house in Kabale at about 6:00pm.

It looks like my pictures might be too big to share without waiting forever so I will try to take some more with my phone that I can use.

with love,

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