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our itinerary – yxe->ebb

I have been researching ways to keep a toddler entertained for weeks and now that the big day is almost here I hope I am prepared.

I wanted to share our flight schedule on here for those interested, I guess only time will tell if things actually go according to plan. I am hoping to post a few updates via twitter as we hop along from airport to airport so if you want to check those out you can do that here.

I have converted all times into Saskatchewan time unless otherwise specified (-6:00 CST for those not in SK).

Friday, February 3 – Saturday, February 4

1) Leave Saskatoon at 11:35am and arrive in Toronto at 2:46pm.
2) Leave Toronto at 4:00pm and arrive in Brussels at 1:45am.
3) Leave Brussels at 3:50am and arrive in Entebbe at 1:55pm, which will be 10:55pm there in Uganda on Saturday, February 4.

Total time is about 26 hours, not including the fact that we need to arrive at the airport 2 hours early.

Once in Entebbe I believe we will be staying in a hotel for 2 days and then taking the 8 hour drive to Kabale.

I hope to have a couple of blog posts while we are in Uganda so feel free to check back here or if you would like to get an email when there is a new blog post you can enter your email address on the left side where it says subscribe.

We would appreciate your prayers over the next few weeks!

with love,