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Our Little Canadian Citizen

It’s now been about 3.5 weeks since we left home to come to South Africa and we now have just under 2 weeks left in our stay. In some ways it seems like the time is going slow and in others it seems so quick.

Last week Wednesday (December 3rd) we got an email stating that this little guy (who can sleep anywhere!) is a Canadian citizen! Yay!

The reason our stay is so long here in South Africa is for the paperwork.

The three major things needed done are: adoption order – Canadian citizenship – Canadian passport.

We’ve got the first two done and Wednesday afternoon our social worker sent our passport application in which we should get back by the end of this week!

If that all works out we are much farther ahead of schedule than expected. It’s not a bad thing, that means we don’t have to stress about the paperwork not coming and us needing to change our flights home.

Once Ephraim’s passport gets here we can breathe easy knowing we have all the documents we need to travel home and introduce him to lots of family and friends that are eager to meet him.

Thanks for all your prayers so far, it’s been wonderful having things work out so smoothly so far!

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