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The Week in Review – Volume Two

On to week two for the week in review. Wow, how fast the weeks fly!

Honestly, a whole lot happened this week. I’m not really ready to do much outside of the home by myself with all four kids yet (especially when one of them is a runner) so we mostly hung out at home during the week and then ventured out on the weekend when we had a better adult to child ratio.


+ From the Week +

+ Buzz and Woody are settling in well I think. They are very busy boys and it has been hard to have any “free time”. My priorities when I have free time have been: my 90-day Bible reading plan, the Finding God Faithful Bible study, then some more online fostering training we have to do. I have been able to do a little bit of blogging as well, generally in the in-between moments because I don’t have to concentrate as hard to write as I do for the other things.

+ Ha, it’s funny that I’m counting this as something of note but we bought a white noise machine. It works well but doesn’t seem to really be helping Buzz and Woody sleep any better/longer. I’m tempted to put it in one of the other kids’ rooms so they can potentially sleep though any crying that occurs in the night and maybe longer in the morning.


Art Journal - Common Place Book - a place to document the quotes and lines I love


+ I did prioritize working in a new art journal one day this week. It’s been quite awhile since I worked in one and I quickly remembered how much I enjoyed it, it’s a relaxing process for me. This book is part art journal, part common place book. It’s a space where I plan on collecting verses, quotes and lines that are currently inspiring me. I started out with a life poured out which is inspired by 2 Timothy, I shared a bit about it a few months ago.

+ I’ve been watching my friend YouTube channel, Lovely Day with Holly, a lot lately as she’s been sharing more videos. I love it when she shares about books, thrift hauls and her amazing art videos.

+ Speaking of watching things, we recently got a Right Now Media subscription through our church and the kids have been using it quite a bit. This week I started watching the Miracles of Jesus series. It is lead by Jennie Allen (who wrote two of my favorite books) and they have all so far been under ten minutes long so it has been nice to watch one when I’m either making supper or have a few minutes to kill in my supper prep.

+ Buzz started speaking in full sentences. Not very often and I’m sure the average person can’t understand them but it’s crazy to see how far he has come in just two and a half weeks.

+ Jared’s family butchered pigs this weekend and the older kids went and stayed for most of the day while I stayed home with Buzz and Woody.


+ Quotes & Scenes to Remember +

Apparently this section is just turning into “funny things Ephraim says and does”.

+ One day when I was watching a video from the Miracles of Jesus series Ephraim came and sat beside me for a few minutes and said “This is actually pretty good!”

+ Jared was making French toast for supper and all of a sudden Ephraim said, “We are French! No wait, what language do we speak?”

+ We celebrated my Mom’s birthday Saturday night and Ephraim was so sad he didn’t get her a present because he wanted to buy her something from this own money that he wrote her a note that said “Be happy. I wish I got you a present.” and then he gave her his allowance for the month. ❤️❤️❤️ (She ended up leaving the money for him to keep.)


And just like that another week has come and gone! I appreciate that these weekly reviews are making me look back on the weeks.

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