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the best Mother’s Day gift ever

I probably should have bought stock in this company years ago but a few Christmases ago (is ‘Christmases’ a word/how you spell that? I’m too lazy to look it up) Jared bought me a gift that has changed my life.

And I’ve gone on to tell so many people about it and I know many people have purchased it because of me.

Are you ready for this life changer?

It’s a Shiatzu back and neck massager.

If you suffer from tension headaches (or the mother in your life you need to buy a gift for does), this is what you need.

I’m honestly using this thing as I type out this post.

One word of warning: use it sparingly the first time (an hour may end up hurting your muscles even more, not that I would know or anything), but after that first time use it as much as you want.

So, quickly go order the massager for the mother in your life (or for yourself and call it a mother’s day present), whoever uses it will thank you!

The Best Mother's Day Present

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