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Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

Last week went spent a few days up at Candle Lake (about a two hour drive north from where we live). We joined Jared’s parents, sister and brother-in-law and our nephew and two nieces and spent a couple days camping together.

I hadn’t been at Candle since I was young, I’m pretty sure we stayed there for a night or two before my brother was born -so sometime before I turned seven. The cabin that we stayed in way back then is still standing and looks pretty run down but the lake itself is still beautiful.

On Monday the weather was not very warm but nice enough for the kids to go in the lake and the beach we were at was great for kids because it was shallow for a long time and gave them lots of space to play. And the benefit to the weather being colder than it had been in awhile was the fact that we pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves! The sun did come out later in the evening so we went back to a different beach to get a little kayaking and rock throwing (of course) time in.

Tuesday was raining so we just ate breakfast and then packed up to go home but we know we will definitely be taking Raeca back to this lake next summer!

Where have you been travelling to this summer?

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