Lessons in Friendship from Mark 2

    I love it when I come across a passage in the Bible that I have heard or read numerous times but suddenly something jumps out at me that I hadn’t noticed before. That’s exactly what happened the other week when I was reading through Mark. I am going through the book very, very slowly, after about a month of starting the book I am only on chapter 3, but it was last week while going through chapter 2 that something jumped out at me. The story at the beginning of Mark 2 is of Jesus healing the paralytic man. In this case Jesus doesn’t just happen to pass the guy and…


    Is There A Point to a Season of Restlessness?

    You can say these last few months have been a restless season. Restless as in the feeling that God is preparing me for something but I don’t know what that something is. Life feels unsettled. It’s like I’m trying to reach something that is just out my grasp. I’m pretty sure this isn’t just a discontentment type of restlessness. It feels like more than that. It feels like I just woke up from a dream but I can’t quite remember what it was about. Like if I just think a little harder I’ll be able to remember it. That kind of restlessness. As a result I’ve been thinking a lot about…


    On Faithfulness

    Have you ever felt like you’ve heard from God? Like really heard from Him? There have been things that I have done because I feel like God has put them on my heart (hello, adoption!) but I wouldn’t say that I really heard God speak to me on that topic. In that case adoption was just something I wanted to do ever since I was a teenager and watched those World Vision episodes where the African kids had malnourished bellies and flies buzzing around their face. I don’t think we need to hear from God in order to take action. I’m of the mindset that if we are doing something that…


    Restlessness and Thought Bubbles

    Have you ever felt like God was calling you to do something; He gave you the desire, some gifts to help you with it but it feels like He forgot to give you the map to get there? This is the space I have been in lately. And by lately, I really mean the last four years. It has me completely restless because I feel like I was made for more (which is pretty much the title and subtitle of the book, Restless). This “normal” western life is not the kind of life I feel called to live. I feel as though I am supposed to make a difference somewhere…


    14 Books That Will Leave You Challenged, Inspired and Ruined

    People read books for a variety of different reasons, for some they like light and fluffy books to escape from life, for others they like deep books that challenge them and others, like myself, like a mix of the two. Today I wanted to share a list of books that have challenged, inspired and ruined my life. If you want some non-light reading, this list is for you. That being said, these books aren’t hard to read because they are written poorly or written as text books. They are hard to read because they have been written in a way that makes you analyze your life. It’s easy to see…


    Five Lessons I Learned About Being a Good Neighbor from A Man Called Ove

    Last week I read the book A Man Called Ove. I’ve heard of this book floating around for awhile now but I’m not usually big into contemporaries so I didn’t think much of it. But then, a few weeks ago I read And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by the same author and it moved me to tears so I was ready to give A Man Called Ove a chance. It turns out it also moved me to tears. And I learned some lessons on how to be a good neighbor in the process.     SPOILER ALERT! If you plan on reading this book in…