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On Faithfulness

Have you ever felt like you’ve heard from God? Like really heard from Him?

There have been things that I have done because I feel like God has put them on my heart (hello, adoption!) but I wouldn’t say that I really heard God speak to me on that topic.

In that case adoption was just something I wanted to do ever since I was a teenager and watched those World Vision episodes where the African kids had malnourished bellies and flies buzzing around their face.

I don’t think we need to hear from God in order to take action.

I’m of the mindset that if we are doing something that is Biblically sound, we’ve prayed about it and haven’t come across any founded opposition from friends who also believe, we should always err on the side of action.

I don’t think we need to hear God say “yes, do this.” every time.

(Though it sure is nice when we do.)

Over the last number of months I have been praying over this space, trying to figure out how I should use it and this last week I got a clear answer:

Be faithful in sharing the story I have given you.

I have no idea what that story is but I plan on showing up each week and writing it.

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