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live simply . . .

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling rather stressed lately. This week we say good bye to our savings account and financial security as I knew it. I’m finding it much harder than expected. We were fortunate to have enough savings to pay for about 1/3 of our adoption and I have lately found my stressing over the other 2/3. Then this  morning I headed over to the Give1Save1 blog, as I often do, and today Beth is trying to get sponsors to provide the basic necessities for kids in Ethiopia. Part of me really wanted to sponsor one of the kids and another part though But we need that money for our adoption. And then I read this quote by Mother Teresa:

Live simply so others may simply live.

Meet Eden, our newest sponsor girl (her shirt makes me giggle):

I know it is easy to make excuses, I’ve always got a bunch: we don’t have enough money, it’s someone else’s turn, we already have three other sponsor children . . . But the reality is: we are so rich. We weren’t given this wealth to be more comfortable, we were given it to give it away.

Today I want to challenge you to head on over to Give1Save1 and live a little simpler so someone else may simply live.

with love,

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