social services definition of “the weekend”

    Just before New Year’s I shared that R2 and BB8 were over. We had gotten a call that they needed a place to stay for “the weekend” and in true social services form, “the weekend” means ten days. I think a few of us are surprised it ended up only being ten day though. A week ago I got a call saying it would be at least until the end of the week but there was a possibility that they would officially be going into foster care again but we’d know more in a few days. A few days later I got a call saying they would be picked up…

  • Foster care update

    okay, let’s do this old school blogging

    I haven’t kept up with sharing our foster care journey here on the blog for the last while. Here’s the last six months in a nutshell: And one more to add to the list: R2 and BB8 are currently at our house for the weekend and maybe longer . . . Just when you think you know what is going on with fostering a curveball gets thrown. I’ll unpack this more in the future but just wanted to throw out a quick update. Here’s a look at our foster care timeline.


    we’re selfish and aren’t in control

    Today I’ve got something different for you! I have Jared with me and we are talking about starting a podcast (of which this is maybe the beginning?), some (what I thought were) easy questions to get to know him (the resulting word for his personality: analytical) and we’re sharing a fostering update and what we have learned through our fostering journey.

  • Foster Care Update

    we said YES again & other FOSTER CARE UPDATES

    For the last number of months (actually, it’s probably closer to a year) I have been sharing our foster care updates via video on YouTube and while I still like that format for many reasons, today it’s just going to be a blog post. To cut to the chase: we said yes to another foster care placement. And no: R2 and BB8 are not gone. So yes, we now have three foster kids. Plus two kids. We’ve hit the five kid bracket, this is new territory for us. For the longer story and some updates on R2 and BB8 read on. How did we get here? The last time I…