Ten Tips for How to Read More When You are a Mom

    I get quite a few questions about my reading life. The most common question I get, maybe other than what are you currently reading? is how do you find time to read? That’s a totally fair question, especially since those asking know that I am a mom and continue to have a life apart from reading a number of books each year. Growing up I was that child who always had my nose in a book. Reading is definitely different now as a mom. I can’t just ignore all my responsibilities like I used to. When I was younger my reading was a definite source of contention between my parents and…


    The (Good) Books I Read in June & July

    I thought it would be fun to start doing a review of the books I read each month. The title is the (good) books because for the most part if I start a book and don’t really enjoy it I abandon it. There are too many books on my to read list to get stuck reading a book I don’t enjoy. Since I haven’t shared a book list here in a long time this one will include books I finished in the last two months. In my reading life I tend to lean towards Christian non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction (I’m going through a WWII kick right now) and classics, funnily…


    A Mother Culture Instagram Challenge

    One of the reasons I enjoy homeschooling so much is because being a lifelong learner is very important to me. Even if we weren’t homeschooling I would constantly be taking books out of the library on topics that interest me and I want to learn more about. Before we started homeschooling I loved the sounds of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method, I won’t dive into the method right now but one of the terms that often goes along with the Charlotte Mason method is the idea of “mother culture”. This term wasn’t used in any of Charlotte’s writings but was made popular by Karen Andreola who wrote A Charlotte Mason…


    Simplicity Parenting – A Free Online Book Club

    You know those books that people just rave and rave about? Simplicity Parenting is one of those books. I read it for myself a number of years ago and really enjoyed it and have been meaning to read it again it as we have been in this season in our family life right now where I think it would be the perfect time to re-read it. The sub-title for the book is: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids – seriously, what parent doesn’t want that?! I took a poll in my Instagram stories a few days ago and asked if a) people would be interested…