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currently: MARCH 2023

One of my goals for this year was to go back to old school blogging here. When I was printing my goals out I originally added the word “weekly” to this goal but I quickly realized that that isn’t old schooling blogging.

Old school blogging is writing what you want, when you want.

So, that’s what I’m doing today. Plus, what screams old school blogging more than a good old fashioned “currently” post?!

There’s a lot going on in life right now and these are a fun little brain dump.

Here’s my March 2023 currently . . .

reading: so many different things, it’s kind of my thing. But a non-fiction I’m reading and enjoying right now is The Story of Christianity: Volume One

watching: all the Miranda Mills videos on YouTube. I’ve known about her channel for a long time but never really enjoyed it until recently, maybe because she’s changed her content a little into a format I enjoy more. Plus, I found out that she was born in my province, so random! I love all her English countryside vibes and of course the English bookshops, why can’t bookshops here have such beautiful shop fronts?!

listening: to the Walk in Love podcast (this is a bit of a cheat because I usually watch/listen to them via their YouTube channel). I go in spurts where I’ll listen to ten episodes then won’t listen for a few months and now I’m currently in a catch up phase where I’m listening to one or two a day.

researching: the Tudors. I read this book and then have been deep diving into all things Tudors.

looking forward to: spring! The calendar says it’s here but the snow and wind do not agree.

missing: an air fryer. Ours was recalled last month and I don’t even know how to cook anymore. Or re-heat leftovers. The replacement better come soon or we’ll all starve.

experimenting: with only posting to my BookTube channel once a week for the next month or so. It has oddly made me feel even more inspired and creative. We’ll see how I feel once I’m finished my experiment (assuming I end it).

anticipating: a week and a half from now: Jared will officially become a pastor. It won’t change much in our life in the near future but it is a big change on paper and will mean some big changes down the road.

marveling: at how God has created ladybugs. There is one in the window of my office that Tolkien (our cat) has been trying to eat for two days and somehow the ladybug keeps outwitting him.

wondering: how algorithms work. Can we please go back to the days when social media didn’t use them and we just saw the things we wanted to see?

I’m going all old school today and not even inserting photos throughout the blog post, what a blast from the past!

What are you currently doing?

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