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Ladies, Let's

Let’s Love Each Other Well


Let’s gather the courage to be nice to each other.

Let’s remember that often timidity, snobbery or gossip, is actually a cloak for insecurity.

Let’s try to be the first ones to smile, to say hello and introduce ourselves.

Let’s be the ones to build others up.

Let’s be the church, the hands and feet of Jesus.

When we feel envy rising within us, let’s count our blessings and be thankful.

When we see others struggling, let’s come up beside them and help see them through.

Let’s lose our negativity and focus on Christ.

Let’s get over our own insecurities and compliment each other.

Let’s motivate without being condescending.

Let’s be the first ones to get in touch.

Let’s encourage one other with sincerity.

If we talk about someone when they are not around, let it all be to raise them up.

If there is any competition between us, let it be about who loves and serves each other more.

If there is any sadness, let us mourn together.

If there is success, let us rejoice together.

If there is hurt, let us forgive.

Ladies, today let’s love each other just like Jesus loves us.

Let's Love Each Other Well

Just some words I needed to write down as a reminder for myself.

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