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26 things before 27 update

I’ve got just over 3 months to pull of doing these 26 things before my 27th birthday in May so I thought I would share a little update to let you know where I am at.

  1. get our referral –hasn’t happened yet . . .
  2. read 10 books -done plus some. I chose this one so I knew I would at least accomplish one thing off of the list for this year!
  3. travel somewhere new -kind of but not really, still hoping it will happen
  4. start a missional living community or maybe just start living missional myself -still working on this, I have high hopes for the next few months
  5. start or join an orphan ministry -maybe? does starting Once Was Lost count? I’m counting it!
  6. learn to wrap pretty gifts -I’ve done a few, counts in my books
  7. help someone begin the adoption process -I’ve answered lots of questions but to my knowledge none of those people have started the process -YET!
  8. photograph my everyday life -I think I’m getting better at this
  9. dare to dream -lots of dreaming happening here!
  10. bake a cake from scratch -not yet
  11. watch a play -nope
  12. learn a new art formyes!
  13. become a mentor -nope
  14. find a mentor -nope
  15. develop the rolls of film I have sitting in my desk drawer -ha, still no, I actually might have thrown them in the garbage
  16. go thrifting with a friend -I went with my mom, she’s my friend
  17. have a picnic -yup
  18. get our fence built -it wasn’t easy but yes!
  19. say “no” more -definitely!
  20. help my grandma organize her photos -no, but I offered and she doesn’t want them organized any more so I’m counting that as done
  21. create 2010, 2011 and 2012 photo books -yes! Can’t wait until they arrive!
  22. potty train Raeca -done!
  23. go on a date with Jared -yup!
  24. complete some of the DIY projects on my list -yes!
  25. give a presentation on our trip to Uganda -yup!
  26. learn some French (it is the official language of the DRC) -I’ve learned a few words, I definitely hope to learn more!

Hey, that’s more than half of them on the list, not doing too bad! I love seeing what I’ve done in the last year. I’m already dreaming of what I can put on my list for next year! 🙂

with love,

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  1. love it! i’m trying to wrap up some stuff on my list because my bday is in june:) wanna be my mentor via email!? 🙂 and ps- number 5 definitely counts!!

    1. Oh Alison, I think you should mentor me!!!! I’ve been meaning to send you an email for awhile. Hopefully I can get to that today!

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