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diy wooden slat verse sign

I’ve been sharing a bit lately on the verses I’ve been praying for Raeca (you can see some here and more here). I knew I couldn’t just have the verses written down but I needed some type of visual reminder -at least for a few of them.

So I’ve designed up three and have put them up in my Etsy shop in case there is anyone else that would like them as visual reminders.

I didn’t want to just print each of them out as 8×10’s, I wanted to do something kind of special with at least one of them and was able to come up with this wooden slat poster sign type thing -very technical terms, I know.

I got the file printed at Costco as a photo poster. The size I printed was 24×36 – a little beyond the capabilities of my 8×10 file size so it did get a little pixelated, but just slightly, you can only tell if you look up close. The cost to print out the poster was about $15.


I then hit up Michael’s and got some wood slats -there was no price or anything on these but I think they were about $3 a piece. Each piece is 3 feet long so I ended up cutting each one down to 2 feet and then I used 2 of the one foot leftovers for the back on the bottom. (Raeca so nicely helped me stage this shot by throwing her Care Bears cards all over the floor, real life people)

After sawing them down I took some stain we had on hand (because stain lasts forever) and stained each piece. It was Varathane brand in Mission Oak if you are wondering.

I then used some heavy duty wood glue (Titebond III) and glued the bottom piece of wood, put the poster in between and then added more glue and then the top piece of wood. Just a heads up, don’t add too much glue or it will be oozing out all over your rug, not that I had that happen or anything. Oh, and maybe put down some scrap paper in the off chance that were to take place . . . just an idea.

I did the same process for the top but before putting the second piece of wood on I added some jute that i had on hand so I would be able to hang it up.

I’m loving the finished product, and it only cost about $20! I need to find the perfect spot in Raeca’s room for it now -that might take a little bit of rearranging.

I think I’m going to do this same thing to another verse but in a smaller size. Maybe do a little cluster of them on a wall or something . . .

with love,


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