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Homeschool Week in Review – Volume 12

This week found us continuing our space unit we started last week. I went into this unit not knowing how long we would spend studying space but I think next week will probably be our last week.

It was a crazy busy week, there was a doctor appointment one morning, I was sick one morning, we had multiple play dates and the week ended up getting away from us so we really only “did school” one day this week.

Sometimes weeks like that happen and I’m thankful for the flexibility homeschooling allows.


Our Homeschool Week in Review - Space Unit Resources Used - with kids in grade 4, grade 1 and a toddler




For reference, here’s the low down on the kids:

Raeca – she’s 9 and in grade 4
Ephraim – he’s 6 and in grade 1
R2D2 – he’s 17 months (he came to our family via foster care this month)




+ I got a number of space books out from the library for our unit, one of which was a Lego space book, the book was good and the kids liked flipping through it but they decided to make their own space scene instead of using the book.


Our Homeschool Week in Review - Books and Resources Used


+ we read a number of our space picture books from the library including these three:

+ If Pluto Was a Pea
+ Astronaut Handbook
+ The Darkest Dark


Our Homeschool Week in Review - Books and Resources Used


+ Raeca has a number of books on the go (like usual) and the other day she started another one she pulled off our shelf. These Canadian Flyer books are similar to Magic Tree House as they take you back in time but these are specific to Canadian History. Even though she can read much harder and longer books every now and then she grabs a book like this that takes her less than an hour to read.


Our Homeschool Week in Review - Books and Resources Used


+ we are still listening to  The Warden and The Wolf King at supper and this week we started listening to Wonder at lunch, I’ve been waiting a few years to read this book with the kids and am glad the time is finally here.

+ I picked up Desmond Cole, Ghost Patrol at the library because it had a black kid on the cover and want to incorporate more diversity in our books (since all three of my kids are different races). Originally I was going to get Ephraim to read this one to me but The Littles is taking him awhile to read so I thought I would read this one aloud to the kids.


Our Homeschool Week in Review - Books and Resources Used


It was a lighter homeschool/intentional learning week than I would prefer but I also know these kinds of weeks happen and it’s no use stressing over.

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