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How About I Tell You His Name? (adoption updates)

Some Adoption Updates

the Saskatoon-Regina drive is the most boring ever, there is one valley/hill the entire way and this is it

Last week Jared and I missed most of Raeca’s birthday to make a 6 hour round trip down to Regina to meet Robyn, the social worker from South Africa that matched us with our son. It was a real treat to meet her, especially knowing we will be going down there soon!

We were hoping to get a definite court date when we talked to Robyn but unfortunately that didn’t happen. However, she is still trying to get us a court date for mid-November, we should know after she gets back to South Africa in the middle of this month. If it all works out that means we will potentially be going down in just over a month!

Traditionally couples are in South Africa for about 5 weeks to complete the adoption, so if that is the case we would probably arrive home just a few days before Christmas. We’d be tired and jet lagged but what a great Christmas!

We aren’t able to share any photos of our son until we pass court but I can tell you his name!

Ephraim Isaiah Thato

Names are pretty important to us, I love looking for names with great meaning and are a bit unique for our area. The name Ephraim means fruitful which has such great spiritual meaning plus it’s been on our baby name list since before we knew that Raeca was a girl.

Even though we aren’t allowed to share his photo publicly yet if you see me in person I’ll happily show you his photo. πŸ™‚

I’m curious, how important was/is/will be the meaning of a name when you did/will name your children?

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  1. What amazing timing! That will be such a special Christmas! I love the name you have chosen! Meaning was important to us when we named our son, and we didn’t settle on a name until he was almost here. I can’t wait to hear more about this special journey to bring you new little one home!

  2. I love his name! Meaning is very important to us when naming our kids. Our littlest guy is an Isaiah, so I’m especially partial. Such a strong meaning!

  3. I’m so happy for your family! Names are super important to me. I attach a lot of meaning to my name and I can only imagine I’ll do the same when and if I have kids

  4. wow this is awesome Chantal!! Ephraim is a beautiful biblical name and one my hubby would love to name our son one day…as well as a family name. Beautiful – this is wonderful! If you have him before Christmas or even for the New Year – what a complete blessing to start a new year all together – just gorgeous!!!

  5. So sweet, congratulations!! I haven’t had kids yet (so no names or meanings behind them there) but I am curious to see what that process will be like for my husband and I. Blessings to your growing family!

  6. What a lovely name! We were also very deliberate about our kids’ names. How exciting for you guys!

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