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a rather big adoption update

It’s been awhile since I posted a real adoption update on here. The truth is, there is a lot that has been going on behind the scenes here for the last few months that I wasn’t able to share publicly, but now I finally can: we have cut ties with our adoption agency.

A few months ago we found out about some unethical practices with the in-country staff of our agency and we no longer felt comfortable dealing with them. I hesitate to share too much about it on here but if you want to know more information feel free to email me:

The good news is: we have been pre-approved with a new agency (for their DRC program) and will be sending our official contracts there this week! Obviously we did a lot of research on this new agency and have heard really great things so I am excited about the switch!

Unfortunately this means that the last year of waiting was pretty much a waste and we will be starting the wait over again. But thankfully this agency has a shorter wait time for a referral.

We always knew adoptions rarely go smoothly without interruptions but were really hoping that wouldn’t be us. This is now our third adoption agency since starting this journey (the first one went bankrupt about a month after we sent our papers in) and we are really praying that this one will work out. We would love your prayers as we continue along.

with love,