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let the paperwork begin! {again}

After my last post where I expressed how wonderful I am at waiting (please note the sarcasm) I figured we would be waiting a few weeks for that binder to come from our adoption agency but I was very surprised on Friday when we got home from running some errands to find it in our mailbox! I love surprises like that!

The binder, while very informative, is also very overwhelming. It has a 20-step list with all the things we need to do, and of course each step includes many sub-steps. It’s hard to say where exactly we are on the list right now since we have our homestudy and many documents done from last time but because we have to do some updates we are in the middle of a bunch of different steps.

But I have to say, more overwhelming than all the things we need to do is the payment schedule that is included in the binder. I’m definitely trying to not stress about the money side of things, I know God will provide it somehow, He has been faithful in providing the money every step so far and I am sure He will remain faithful.

Now . . . switching topics -last Saturday was my brother’s last day at home before heading off to BC for his second year of Bible school so of course we did family photos (because we always put it off until the last possible moment). Today Katie is doing a blog photoshoot link-up and while there aren’t many photos of myself in this post I promised her I would post photos this month, and really, two photos of myself in one post is quite a lot for me. 🙂

I curled Raeca’s hair for the first time -it lasted for about 2 hours before the curls fell out.

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  1. Ahhhh LOVE THIS girl:) You are so radiant, you just shine Jesus’ love:) And of course your family is darling!!! And WOO HOO for 2 pictures of yourself in one post, hahaha! I loved that you said that:) hehe! love ya, Katie

  2. Beautiful photos! The financial part is completely overwhelming. We will be praying that everything falls into place smoothly and quickly! Very quickly! 😉

  3. Beautiful photos! I totally get what you mean, two photos of yourself in one post is a big deal. That rarely happens on my blog too!

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