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How to Make Money Your First Month Blogging Without Creating Products & more tips for new bloggers

If you are wondering how to make money your first month blogging, today’s video is for you!

I made a few beginner blogging mistakes when I started my blog and still managed to make a (teeny tiny) amount of money at the start of my blog. My goal is by sharing this video (and more in the future!) you will not make the same mistakes I did and make a lot more money than I did!

I want to continue to make videos sharing different tips and tricks on how to make money online as a stay at home mom, a lot of which will be blogging tips.



How to Make Money Your First Month Blogging Without Creating Products & Other Tips for Beginner Bloggers



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(If you want to influence future videos in this series, leave a comment below sharing the kind of videos you wan to see in the future.)

  • why you NEED a blog
  • things to do your first month blogging
  • how to drive traffic to your blog
  • the most popular types of blog posts you should be writing
  • how to write a great blog post
  • finding time to work as a SAHM
  • why you need an email list and how to use it to your advantage
  • using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website
  • how to balance homeschooling, motherhood and working
  • let me know if you have other things you want to see!

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