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Two Natural Alternatives to Shaving Cream

Shaving cream. It’s something I haven’t used in years and now when I think of it I am kind of appalled at the waste that goes into one tiny container that doesn’t even last very long.

Because it’s been so many years since I’ve used it I kind of wonder if anyone still uses it? Was I behind on the times and everyone moved on from shaving cream before I did? I’m assuming people must still use it since stores are still selling it so under that assumption I thought I would share my two favorite natural alternatives to shaving cream.

I have actually shared these methods before in my post about things I no longer buy but I wanted them to have their own dedicated post, plus I have tweaked one of them a little bit since that post. 🙂

Two Natural Alternatives to Shaving Cream - cheap and better for the environment




I’ve been using a Norwex body cloth as my main alternative to shaving cream for a year now. I still don’t understand how it works but if you scrub in the shower with a Norwex body cloth before shaving you can shave without getting razor burn. I don’t understand how it works I just know that it does!

The body cloths come in a pack of three and are initially more expensive than shaving cream but they aren’t something you need to continue buying so it doesn’t take long before it starts saving you money.

Because you don’t have any kind of container with the cloths or any chemicals going down the drain they are also a lot better for the environment than shaving cream is.

Also, we just came back from Mexico last night (a post on our trip to come!) and I took my Norwex cloth with me. It meant that there was one less liquid I had to deal with going through security because after our debacle coming home from South Africa we refuse to check baggage and every liquid counts.


For most people in most climates I think the body cloth would be a good year round alternative to shaving cream. For those of you that live in drier climates like myself may find you need something a little more moisturizing in the winter months.

I have used a number of different oils before picking grapeseed oil as my favorite.

I originally started by using coconut oil but because I mainly wanted to use it in the winter it was pretty much in a solid form when I went to go use it and I started to wonder if that would clog the drain, so I switched to almond oil cause I had some on hand and while almond oil works well it is fairly pricey. So I eventually came to grapeseed oil which is moisturizing, inexpensive and doesn’t clog the drains!

If you are used to shaving cream you’ll notice that grapeseed oil doesn’t lather, but I promise your legs will feel so smooth afterwards and it doesn’t take long before you forget that once upon a time you used shaving cream.

Do you have any natural beauty tip to share?
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  1. I’ve actually never used shaving cream, neither does Angel…I guess we didn’t grow up in “shaving cream” families so that just always seemed normal to us? Angel loves natural, homemade soap bars, and his love of natural/organic/homemade soap bars is so well-known that people often give it to him as gifts (I think he got 5 or 6 bars over Christmas alone), which means we always have a bar of soap in the shower to use for shaving. He’s actually used a straight razor for shaving ever since I got one when I started out to get my cosmetology license. I still prefer the modern safety razors but he loves the straight razor, even though the one I have is really more designed for necklines and haircuts than shaving your face, works for him I guess!

    1. So without using anything you don’t get razor burn? I definitely do so that’s why I need to use either the Norwex cloth or an oil.

      I absolutely love that Angel loves homemade soap bars that he’s getting showered (figuratively) with them at Christmas. I can just picture it!

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