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Petrofka Spring – Exploring Saskatchewan

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Once again, one of my goals for this year is to get out and explore Saskatchewan so a couple of weeks ago when my friend Robin asked if the kids and I wanted to head out to Petrofka Spring with her and her boys one morning I jumped at the chance!

I had actually never heard of Petrofka Spring until she mentioned it so I read a little about it online, apparently because of this spring many Doukhobors decided to settle in this area back in 1899.

Truthfully it’s a small little spring but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the kids loved playing near it and following it.

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Then we walked out the a monument set up in rememberance of the Petrofka ferry that used to be there (now there is a bridge). The kids loved playing amongst the tall grass which I loved, but was regretting a little when I flicked a tick off of Raeca’s ear later that day (and now I’m itchy just thinking about it again).

We had a great morning and it reminded me (once again) how much fun kids can have just playing in nature, it’s something I want to make a point of doing more often this summer.

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