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the 2022 READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE!! 📢 two giveaways and reading prompts for every month!

Welcome to the third annual Read Your Bookshelf Challenge!

This is a low pressure reading challenge with reading prompts for every month of the year.

Plus, is a reading challenge any good if it doesn’t include a book giveaway? (I think not, so my reading challenges always include giveaways.)

2022 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge - a year long reading challenge with reading prompts for every month of the year plus two giveaways!

You can watch the announcement video below for info on what the prompts are for each month, I also suggest two books I would recommend as well as the book I would read for that prompt if I was choosing right now.

You can enter to win a book stack shirt like I’m wearing in the video, those details are in the video. For details for the $100 giftcard, keep reading!

Oh, and if you like bookish things, make sure you are signed up for my book-ish newsletter as well as subscribed to my book-ish channel over on YouTube.

You can also head over to my prompt generator website, Hey Reader, to keep track of the books you are reading for the year.

I would also love for you to follow me over on Instagram – I’m Chantel Reads All Day.

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For January the prompt is quiet, this can have any kind of quiet word in the title including: silent, still, echo, etc.


February’s prompt is to read a book with love in the title. This one should be fairly easy to achieve!

2022 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge


In March we will reading books that have something to do with growth. The word can be in the title, there can be something growing on the cover or some kind of growth can happen in the book.


April will have you searching for a book that has your initials in the title. My apologies for those who will have a difficult time with this one, I’m right there with you!


May will be a pretty easy one because you will read a book by a new-to-you author.

2022 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge


June will have you search for a book that has a book on the cover.


In July we’ll be tackling a book we’ve been avoiding but actually want to read. Who knows, it may end up being a new favorite!


August we will read a book that has a body part in the title.


September will have us reading a collection. This could be a collection of poetry, short stories, etc. Make the prompts work for you!

2022 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge


In October you will need to read a book with the word “secret” in the title.


Includes books that make you feel cozy or nostalgic, I think this is the perfect time for those types of books!



You’ll need to hunt out a book to read that has a mostly white cover.

2022 Read Your Bookshelf Challenge Printable

You can grab a free printable for the challenge here.


This is the part you are all here for, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the fun giveaway details!

So, once again, I will be giving away a $100 book-ish* gift certificate at the end of the reading challenge!

*After I pick a winner we’ll discuss which online book company they want me to buy them a $100 gift certificate to.

This giveaway is open worldwide!

You can enter the giveaway once a month, you’ll just need to fill out the form below!

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    1. Ha, well, I haven’t blogged much since I joined YouTube but I did quite a bit of blogging the 12 years before!

  1. I am thankful for Chautona Havig for pointing me your way! I love this and hope to participate next year! I just watched the whole video, so fun! Thank you for doing this.

  2. Hello! This looks like a super fun challenge. I’m eager to join this year! The wheels are already turning in my brain of what books I can read for the challenge. Yay!

  3. What exactly do you mean by “your initials in the title?” Like my initals are R and M – so do I need a title that has just those letters like “Ms. R. M. Smith Solves a Murder?” (made up title) — or a title that has a word that starts with R and one that starts with M?

    1. Just ones that have R & M in the title. I’m using my middle names as well so I have C-A-D-K to find in the title (in any order).

  4. Do the book choices for the prompts have to be books you already own? Or can you go out and buy one to fit if needed? 🙂

  5. Hi! I filled out the form upon completion of my January book, but I don’t see a submit button or anything. Did I actually enter the drawing? I feel like I’m missing something… 🙂

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Mindy, at the end of the form there is a submit button. I just checked and it does not look like yours submitted. The form is embedded into the page so it has a separate area to scroll, maybe you need to scroll a little farther? Or maybe it was having a glitch at the moment.

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