Here We Go!

    It’s airplane day (as Raeca would say)! This afternoon we start our 36 hour journey from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Durban, South Africa. (Actually, if you count our travel to the airport and time spent waiting for our first flight it will be a 40 hour journey.) We are set to arrive in Durban at 12:05pm (their local time) on Friday. We are getting Budget to deliver a car to our B&B Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning Jared will drive us the 4 hours to Newcastle where we will get to meet Ephraim! Saturday and Sunday will be spent getting to know him. I’m not sure how much time we’ll…


    Candle Lake, Saskatchewan 2014

    Iā€™m on a mission to go on five day/weekend/week trips throughout Saskatchewan this year. This is number five, you can also check out one, two, three and four. Our last camping trip of the summer was a short but sweet one. We had five nights booked at Candle Lake but due to weather we ended up only staying two of the nights. (But, I am so thankful we did, the first night back at home we had one of the loudest thunderstorms I’ve heard in a long time, that would have been crazy loud in our tent!) We went camping at Candle Lake for the first time last year and one of…


    Rowan’s Ravine | Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan

    I’m on a mission to go on five day/weekend/week trips throughout Saskatchewan this year. This is number four, you can also check out one, two and three. Last week we had such a great time camping. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the lake was beautiful and our campsite had an amazing view of the sunset each evening. Oh, and there were almost zero mosquitoes. Can it really get any better than that? This was our first camping trip of the year (another one to come in a few weeks), we went with Jared’s parents and sister, they had a camper and we had our tent. We were there for nearly…


    Another Day at the Lake | Waskesiu, Saskatchewan

    Last weekend we went to our third lake of the summer (only 99,997 more to go to hit up all the ones in the province), and I’m getting closer to completing #23 on my list of twenty-eight things. We went to the lake with Jared’s family to celebrate both of his sisters’ birthdays. The weather was not the greatest, it was warmn but extremely windy (a cold wind) but thankfully we were able to claim a gazebo in a sheltered area so we didn’t notice the wind except for a few gusts here and there. Jared and I call Waskesiu the Banff of Saskatchewan. It’s a touristy little town that…


    A Day at the Lake | Martins Lake, Saskatchewan

    the drive: Petrofka Bridge over the North Saskatchewan River Friday was a day off for Jared and we decided to try and do some fishing (fun fact: I have never caught a fish, each year I hope this is the year I finally do). This was our second day trip of the summer (our first being the lighthouse at Cochin). When we got to the lake we realized all the docks were private, so there was no where for us to fish. Boo. So we drove a few more kilometers away to nearby Martins Lake (good thing Saskatchewan has 100,000 lakes!) and decided to just let Raeca play at the…