salmon arm, bc

    Here we go, the last photos of our trip! I’ve decided next time I go away I need to blog about it while I am there because it’s already been two months since we’ve been back! On the bright side, it is just as beautiful two months later as I remember it. Seriously, if you are ever in the Okanagan area I definitely recommend going to Salmon Arm.

    The day we got into Salmon Arm we checked out the Farm Market, Raeca loved it, that little girl would love living in the farm. Well, maybe, she liked looking at the animals but didn’t like it when they came close, even the cat.

    These photos are from the Salmon Arm Wharf –so beautiful! I didn’t take my camera along that day so all of the photos are taken with my phone.

    And the last day we headed out to the Bible college my brother was attending. We unloaded all his stuff into his dorm, took a tour of the campus and said goodbye.

    The campus is actually at a Christian camp, so it was very unique, they had these cabins up on telephone poles:

    Rae found a friend, I have no idea what her name was but she was cute and had a Yoshi shirt on so I had to snap a photo.

    There we go! Now that I’ve finally shared all those photos I think it’s time to go on another trip! Any recommendations? 🙂

    with love,


    Revelstoke & Sicamous, BC

    We’ve been back from our trip for over a month and I still have photos to share, I think I am postponing sharing them all because looking at them reminds me of the days when it was warm and sunny, as opposed to the cold and snow we are dealing with now.

    On our way to Revelstoke we stopped at the Giant Cedar Boardwalk Trail. The name pretty much sums it up, it was a nice little stop along the way.

    This photo is a re-creation of one that we have of Delten when he was 4 or 5 and he was posed like this next to a dinosaur, he looked tough but really he was just too scared to get any closer.

    Just look at those roots!

    The next day we made another little stop on our way to Sicamous, this time we stopped at Crazy Creek. Waterfalls are one of my favorite things in nature, they are just so beautiful.

    Also, a little side note, the people that run the shop and maintain the suspension bridge and walkways are Christians and had numerous papers posted with stories and verses from the Bible. I thought it was pretty neat.

    In Sicamous we visited the Dutchman Dairy, it’s a dairy farm where they make and sell their own ice cream, cheese and some pretty good chocolate milk (second only to Saskatchewan’s Dairyland chocolate milk). I am kind of embarrassed with how many pictures I took when we were there, considering I grew up on a dairy farm and all.


    The ugliest duck I ever did see. Definitely the ugly duckling.

    Excuse my KJV but three asses asses, how could I pass that up.

    If you ever travel from Golden to Sicamous these are three places I would recommend stopping at and would love to stop at again sometime.

    with love,


    Golden, BC

    Last month we went with my family to bring my brother out to Bible school in BC, we were able to take a couple days and make a little trip out of it. I always enjoy going through the mountains but at the same time I have a slight fear of them, maybe I am more of a prairie girl than I like to admit.

    The first day we drove something like 10 hours to Golden, BC. I have good memories from that town from the last time we had been there 8 or 9 years ago, let’s just say the rodeo was so good it left my brother wanting to be a rodeo clown for years after.

    The next day we headed out to Revelstoke, on the way we decided to stop and do a short little hike. The weather was chilly that morning.

    Yeah . . . so we pretended we didn’t see this sign and walked the trail anyway.

    Jared always says I make funny faces whenever he takes a photo of me. I have no idea what he’s talking about.

    So maybe I do. But he does the same thing too!

    I bought her these boots shortly before the trip and just love them. She is way more stylish than me.

    *Biased mother alert* My little girl is adorable.

    My parents . . .

    And my brother . . .

    Their license plates don’t lie: it really is Beautiful British Columbia. More photos to come!

    with love,


    saskatchewan, alberta & bc

    Last week we took a little trip to BC to bring my brother to Bible school, if you have never had the chance to go to through the Rocky Mountains I suggest you plan a trip right now. Maybe it is because I live in the flat prairies but I always thoroughly enjoy the mountains.

    While we were driving I mostly took photos with my phone so I thought I would share our journey to British Columbia . . .

    Leaving Saskatoon, wahoo!

    An example of that flat prairie land:

    Entering Alberta . . .

    Right photo is entering the Alberta badlands:

    I see mountains!

    I’ve got lots more photos (and stories, oh boy do I ever!) from our trip to share in the coming weeks!

    with love,


    A Trip to the Market

    It seems I am still digesting all the lessons I learned from our trip to Uganda in February. We’ve been back for six months and I feel like I am still learning.

    One day on our trip Michelle needed to go to the local market to buy some new shoes for the boys at the home (either the shoes were cheaply made or those kids were rough with their shoes). I decided to go along with her and made the mistake of forgetting my camera, I regret that decision to this day.

    At the market we wandered down one of the aisles until we came to a stand that sold shoes. This particular market was outdoor (as opposed to the food one we had been to a few days ago that had a roof overhead) and this stand (and all the ones around it) was built from very old wooden boards this lots of cracks showing through. The whole stand was probably only about 7 feet long by 6 feet wide and all you could see inside was the shop owner and rows of black shoes. Some of the shoes appeared to be in good condition while others looked like they were rejects from Value Village.

    While Michelle tried to find a couple of good pairs of shoes I took a look at my surroundings and that’s when I saw her. A little girl about three or four years old standing there shyly staring at me with her big brown eyes. I smiled her and she bashfully turned away, as she turned I saw what she had on her back -she had a blanket wrapped around her like you would often see the mother’s wearing and they would have a child tucked in the shawl around their back, well, where most women would have a baby, she had her “baby”, except this was no baby. It was a pair of pants that was stuffed with who knows what as a substitute for a doll.

    I just wanted to wrap that little girl up in my arms and give her a real doll, unfortunately I couldn’t.

    The thing is, this girl looked fairly content. I don’t know many three year old children that when asking for a doll would be fine with a pair of pants to play with.

    It is partly because of this girl that I have felt the need to live a more simplified life and minimize the amount of stuff that I have.

    I was pointed to Jess’ blog a few weeks ago and really liked her idea of Throw out 50 Things. Essentially, go through your house and sell, donate or throw away 50 items. I got on it a few weeks ago and found that it was so much easier than I was expecting. I’m a bit of a hoarder, and it has been feeling really good to purge, and not nearly as hard as I was expecting. I’m definitely not stopping at 50 things but it was a fun challenge to get me going again.

    Just some of the things I’ve been getting rid of (and I’ve still got more to go):

    I’ve come across others that are on a similar journey right now, a journey to just being content with less, and I think it is a lesson that will take me a while to learn. The hard part will to make sure I don’t replace these items with more stuff. I have started to try to implement the one-for-one rule, when I get something new, I get rid of something. If I get a new shirt I get rid of an item that I don’t use, need or want but for some reason have been holding on to. It has been a learning curve in a society that tells us we need more, more, more, but one that I have felt very necessary.

    If you are on a similar journey I would love to hear from you!

    with love,


    fun, laughter & mosquitoes

    Each week Jared and I get to spend some time with some awesome grade 9 & 10 kids and this last weekend we were able to hang out at Torch Trail Bible Camp with 15 of them. Lots of fun, laughs, ketchup and mustard wars, and LOTS of mosquito bites.

    A few snapshots from the weekend:

    What did you do on the weekend?

    with love,



    A few weekends ago we headed up to Waskesiu for Saturday and Sunday with my Dad’s family to celebrate my Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary. It is nice because my Dad’s family is fairly small and most of us live within a few hours of each other in Saskatchewan (with the exception of an aunt, uncle and cousin that live in Ontario) and so almost everyone was able to make it out to the lake for the weekend.

    Waskesiu is Saskatchewan’s version of Banff -without the mountains. There are something like 100,000 lakes in Saskatchewan and lots of people in the province go to the lake” for the weekend – I think Waskesiu is the most touristy of them all. (Random thought -with 100,000 lakes and only 1,000,000 people in the province that means there is 1 lake for every 10 people.)

    It was an interesting weekend. That side of my family is not very organized but I think we all had a good time. We even managed to have 10 people sleeping in a 2 bedroom cabin.

    I tried to balance out my time between taking photos and just enjoying the moment. And like usual, most of my photos are of Raeca.

    They were too eager to cut into the cake to wait for me to take a photo. 🙂 Can you spot the knife in this photo and the next?

    Ivan was much to busy eating his cake to look up for a photo -I don’t blame him. 🙂

    Raeca and my cousin Jack found some random kids to play with. I love Jack’s expressions in the next two photos.

    And I love this photo. Robin, I’m going to email this one to you!

     Have a good long weekend all my Canadian friends!

    with love,

  • Promise & Witchcraft

    Promise & Witchcraft

    While in Uganda we met a young girl named Promise. She lived close to Tyler and Michelle, and her and her brother Moses would often stand outside the fence that surrounded their house and yell out “muzungu” (white person) or “Jeremiah” (Tyler and Michelle’s son). One day we let them in the yard to play, as well as eat some plain bread, which they quickly devoured.

    While they were over Michelle pointed out Promise’s ear -it looked kind of like she had a pierced ear, but it was pierced with a tiny stick. Michelle told me that many people in the area strongly believed in witchcraft and a lot of parents put sticks in their children’s ears so they would be blemished –so they would not be able to be sacrificed.

    When I heard that my stomach just rolled. I can’t imagine living in fear of my child being kidnapped and killed for a witch doctor’s sacrifice. But it is much more common practice in Uganda, and the world, than I ever realized.

    That day weighs heavy on my heart as I think about all the people in Uganda that do not know Jesus. I recently read a news article about a former Ugandan witch doctor who has changed and is now trying to get other witch doctors out of the practice in order to try to make his good deeds out weigh his bad ones.

    There are so many people in Uganda that are lost and need to be told about the love of Jesus. I would love to go back one day, but in the meantime, would you join me in praying for the country, as well as the people that are currently serving as missionaries there?

    with love,

  • A Deep Longing

    a deep longing

    It can come up so suddenly, at the most unexpected of times. This morning I opened up Facebook and saw this face:

    Sweet, sweet Sam with the most amazing smile. It’s hard to believe that this young boy, who we only saw a few times while in Uganda, has stolen my heart so completely. I still want to take him home. <3

    Just seeing this photo makes me long for the red dirt roads, the children yelling out ‘muzungu’ as we drive by, dancing in church to songs I don’t know or can’t understand, and the sweet faces of these precious orphaned children.

    The next time we go to Africa we won’t be seeing the same beautiful faces we saw last time but we will see many similar ones -precious children with big, beautiful smiles and no one to call Mommy or Daddy.

    They say that Africa gets under your skin, and it is completely true, I can’t wait to return.

    If you have been contemplating going on a trip to a country in Africa I would encourage you to check out the Visiting Orphans trip list, their trips sound amazing and they often travel to Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

    Just know that I’ve warned you: once you’ve gone you will always want to go back. The country and the people are too memorable to ever forget.

    with love,


    I miss Africa

    Just sitting here this morning thinking about how much I miss Africa, mainly the people and the lively Sunday morning church. I can’t wait until the day we get to go back.

    with love,

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