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Rowan’s Ravine | Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan

I’m on a mission to go on five day/weekend/week trips throughout Saskatchewan this year.
This is number four, you can also check out one, two and three.

Last week we had such a great time camping. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the lake was beautiful and our campsite had an amazing view of the sunset each evening. Oh, and there were almost zero mosquitoes. Can it really get any better than that?

This was our first camping trip of the year (another one to come in a few weeks), we went with Jared’s parents and sister, they had a camper and we had our tent. We were there for nearly a week (five nights), and I thought it was the perfect amount of time to do everything that we wanted to.

But, despite my best efforts, I was still unable to catch a fish. One evening we went out fishing and within 15 minutes this old man next to us caught two fish! So I started watching him out of the corner of my eye. I used the same hook as him, observed his cast, copied his speed when reeling in . . . but alas, it was not meant to be. He went to his campsite to eat fish and we went without.

Now excuse me while I overload you with photos. 🙂

burying Daddy’s feet

can you see our tent there in the dark?

this is her “sandman”, his name is Olaf 🙂

oh look, more ballerina photos!

contrary to how it may look, she does have two arms. she is just very proud of her cast here.

not so proud of her catch though.

It was a great week and I can’t wait to go camping again.
Are you a camper? What is your favorite thing to do when you go?
And most importantly: have you caught a fish before?!


Lorraine blogs over at This Pilgrim’s Progress and I first have to give her a huge shout out as a fellow Canadian. Not only is she a Canadian but she is living in my favorite province, British Columbia, plus she is a fantastic photographer and always sharing gorgeous photos of her beautiful province. In addition to taking amazing photos she is also a brilliant writer, I love her deep and powerful posts, like her recent one on the fear of rejection and her older one about pain in the journey. She is a blogger that you must check out, stop by and say hi to her!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!!

    We just got back from a camping trip at Zig Zag Bay (near Big River). Ashton caught a few fish too:) We love camping. I do admit I like my camper though. I am not sure I would last in a tent for 5 days! Good for you guys.

    I am working nights so I was excited to see this post in the early morning hours. It gave me something fresh to look at..especially since I forgot my book at home.

    1. I have never heard of Zig Zag Bay but I’ve heard the fishing is always good by Big River (though a few years ago my Dad did promise me I’d catch a fish when we went there and did I? No. Everyone else caught one though).
      I would love a camper but not the hassle of pulling it around (since we don’t have a truck). I’d probably go for an old motor home first.
      Do you guys have a lake that you frequent each year or do you go to different places all the time?

  2. Those photos are GORGEOUS! And I can’t believe that place exists in Sask! I’ve mostly only seen SK from the highway (except for Regina/Moosejaw), but this is so different from what I’ve seen. Glad you guys had a great time!

    1. This spot is actually only about an hour away from Regina! The lakes around Saskatchewan definitely give a different feel than all the fields you see everywhere else in the province!
      Oh and PS – your blog link isn’t in your Disqus profile!

  3. I’m originally from Strasbourg and visit Rowan’s quite often. I’m glad you guys had a great time there! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  4. No mosquitoes = best camping trip ever! Isn’t fishing so finicky? Whenever I go, I can’t help but watch as some people reel in fish after fish, while my bobber hangs out aimlessly in the water, haha. Good thing it’s still fun even if you don’t catch something. The pictures from your trip are so lovely… the sunsets look gorgeous!

    I’m a huge camper – it’s one of my favorite things to do for vacation. When I go camping, I love spending time hiking, taking pictures, watching nature, and playing silly games.

    1. Honestly, for me I’d rather be taking pictures than doing the fishing but man, I want to catch my first fish so bad that I’m giving it all I’ve got, and once I get one I figure either I’ll be addicted to fishing or I can just give up since I can finally say I’ve caught one.

  5. Awww… What a special time to explore your province and enjoy time with your family! It looks like you a ll had such a wonderful time! 🙂

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