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Things I’m Loving Lately

I thought it would be fun to start a new series here on the blog where I share a list of (random) things I am loving lately. The things on this list will be a mish-mash of things that are making some area of my life easier and things that I purely just enjoy.

I don’t have a plan on how often I’ll share new posts, it will likely just be whenever I have five-ish things to share.


Five Things I'm Loving Lately - air fryer, GroClock, Book Outlet and more!


Let’s just hop in to the five things I’m loving lately!



Dish Brush

I got one of these dish brushes with soap dispenser from Ikea in the summer and have been so surprised at how much I use (and like) it. I love to use it on my wooden cutting boards because I feel like it can get into all the knife grooves in ways a cloth just can’t.


Air Fryer

The air fryer was an on sale impulse buy of Jared’s, which is saying something (the guy usually likes to research things very thoroughly before buying things). We got it a couple of months ago and now use it at least once a day. It makes the most crispy french fries without even using any oil and warms up leftovers in a way that makes them taste fresh and not like leftovers – win! I hereby vow to never go without an air fryer again.



Admittedly, the GroClock hasn’t been as useful in the last month or so since R2 is too young to use it but back when we had Buzz and Woody this thing was great. They were still getting the hang of it when they ended up leaving but it definitely reduced the number of times Buzz came to the door at 5am and asked if it was morning yet.


Turkish Towel

I don’t remember where I originally heard about Turkish towels but I asked for one for Christmas and it’s glorious. They are so thin and yet can soak up water so well. Plus, you wouldn’t think it from how thin it is but it feels warm after a shower, which is a nice feeling in the winter. The one downside is that it doesn’t seem to soak up the water from my hair very well so I use a separate (non-Turkish) towel for that.

We need some new hand towels for our bathroom and I’m contemplating buying a bunch of small Turkish towels for that purpose.


Where I Buy Cheap Books and some book buying tips and tricks - Book Outlet


Book Outlet

I just shared all about Book Outlet in a separate post but I am really appreciating all the cheap and free books I’ve been able to get from there in the last few months! As a fast reader there’s no way I can afford to buy books at full price, normally I do a lot of thrifting for books but I’ve found Book Outlet has a selection of books that I can’t find at thrift stores.


Okay, there are my five things for this loving lately post, are there things you have been loving lately? I would love to hear about them!

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