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My Favorite Places to Buy Essential Oils

Welcome to the second installment of skeptical Chantel’s journey with essential oils! (Check out the first post here.)

In order to get the full experience with essential oils I’ve ordered a variety of different oils from a few different suppliers especially since some had better prices for some oils and others for other oils, or some had certain blends that others just didn’t have.

Just to give a little spoiler alert for a future post: I haven’t tried all my oils yet but I’m definitely seeing a difference thanks to a few of them, more of that to come.

So when I was on the search to figure out where to buy oils there were three major things I was looking at, all revolving around price. I wanted to know the size of the bottles (because sometimes you think you find an amazing deal and then you realize it’s only a 5ml bottle), obviously I wanted to know the price of the bottle and potentially the biggest one: I wanted to know the shipping costs to Canada.

The Three Best Places to Purchase Essential Oils - great oils and great prices

I have ordered oils from three different companies so far and wanted to share my initial thoughts on each. I’ve found that there isn’t one company that comes out majorly on top so I’m just going to share them in the order I tried them in. – I originally bought 5 or 6 bottles from Well in the fall (all the NOW brand). The majority of their bottles come in sizes up to 30ml, much bigger than most other companies. Their pricing is also pretty amazing compared to most companies (and as of right now they are having a sale on their essential oils). I also love that they are a Canadian company and shipping on orders over $25 is free! To be honest their oils are so cheap they leave me wondering if they actually work, also you need to watch a little bit because some of the more expensive oils, like Frankincense, is actually only 20% Frankincense and the rest is grapeseed oil, it is clearly stated in the description but if you don’t know what you are looking for you might miss that. If you haven’t ordered from Well before use the code: chantelklassen to get $10 off your first order of $40 or more! (disclosure: if you use the code and get $10 off your purchase I’ll also get $10 off my next one, win-win for both of us!)

Eden’s Garden – I shared a little about this one on Instagram since I got one of their oils for Christmas. They sell mostly 10ml bottles for very good prices. Plus if you are interested in ordering 6 or 14 you can buy the “Create Your Own” set, if you get the 14 it comes out to $3.50 per bottle, way cheaper than most places. I bought 2 sets of 14 as well as 28 5ml bottles so my mom and I could split them. The only real downside to Eden’s Garden is the shipping to Canada, I guess at Christmas it was cheap and after that they increased their shipping prices by a LOT, even more from when I ordered, now the base cost is $16, even if you just order one $5 oil. Fortunately for my American friends, they have free shipping on orders over $50 for you.

Plant Therapy – their oils come in a variety of sizes and and I like that they often have the option of buying them in a roller already pre-diluted. Plant Therapy’s prices are decent, and their shipping to Canada is amazing. I paid $2 for 5 bottles ($50 worth). Plant Therapy also has a list of child safe blends, the Sniffle Stopper will be my next purchase, or maybe Sweet Dreams and see if they help with Raeca’s night terrors (which thankfully seem to be gone for the time being). Oh, and if you sign up for their newsletter you get a $5 off coupon on orders $10 or more (just know that you need to use it within 24 hours).

If you buy oils, where do you get yours from?
And which oils/blends are your favorite?

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  1. I’ll have to check into plant therapy, I’ve started hearing more about it! I’m still trying to learn about all my Eden’s Gardens oils first though! 🙂

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