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Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend

I love experimenting with new essential oil blends.

This particular blend I made quite awhile ago and has had a lot of use in our house, can you see how empty the bottle is in the photo? That’s my proof.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally calm person. I’m a highly sensitive person, raising a highly sensitive and emotional child, that doesn’t result in a lot of calm in our house.

I always joke that my daughter and I would make good TV if we were on the Amazing Race, the pressure would completely break us. It wouldn’t be pretty but I’m sure it would make “good TV”.

So, a calming essential oil blend is just what we need.

Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend - great for mom and kids!

When using this oil I prefer to roll it onto my wrists and neck.

Here’s the recipe for those who also need some calm in their lives!


* 2 drops orange
* 2 drops lavender
* 2 drops cedarwood
* 1 drop ylang ylang
* carrier oil

Add the drops to a 10ml roller bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with your favorite carrier oil.

Add the roller ball, close the lid and shake. Oil is then ready to use.

When needed, roll oil over wrists and neck.

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Do you have some essential oil blends you love?

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    1. You could always try it without that one or try replacing it with another oil that had calming properties.

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