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Saje Wellness – Pocket Pharmacy Review

Like all my essential oil posts, I’m not getting paid or compensated to talk about certain oils or companies, I’m just as girl who started out a little skeptical about essential oils and thought I’d share my journey for any others out there that may feel the same way. You can read my previous posts about essential oils here.

Two weeks ago I went to a seminar at Saje given by the co-founder of the company, Jean-Pierre. It was a very informative seminar, not because he really told us anything about essential oils that I hadn’t already heard or known but I found it so very interesting to hear his personal story and how when he was at his lowest point (mentally and physically) he heard about and started looking into essential oils and that’s how the company all began.

I love that Saje is that it’s a Canadian oil company (finally!) and they offer free shipping in North America for orders over $75 so my American friends aren’t left out. 🙂 Plus, they have a physical location not to far from me, other than the seminar I’ve never been in there (and it was packed that night so I’m not sure if that counts anyway) but I love that they have testers and you can go in and talk to the staff, I’m definitely going to do that soon – you know, one day when it warms up and I don’t have to lug both of the kids out with me 🙂

After the seminar I purchased the pocket pharmacy because I’d been wanting to mix up some oils in roller balls to have in my purse anyway and this way I got a bunch of oils and a handy case as well. I love that it gives me a chance to try out a couple of different blends and the rollers are all refillable so when they are empty you can either put in your own blends or just purchase bigger bottles of the ones from Saje and refill them.

The pocket pharmacy kit contains 5 oils: peppermint halo, immune, eater’s digest, stress release and pain release. Since I’ve had a few weeks to use the oils I thought I would share my thoughts on each one!

A sidenote for anyone interested in the carrier oil used, Saje uses grapeseed oil in these blends.

peppermint halo (headache remedy): unfortunately this one doesn’t seem to work for me. I get headaches every few days, it always stems from my neck/jaw and this doesn’t work for those headaches for me. That being said, I’ve heard that this blend works really well for some people. I’m definitely going to keep trying it for awhile and if it still doesn’t work for me I might make my own blend to pop in this cute roller ball.

immune (germ & virus fighting): this little oil has been getting a lot of use in our house. I’ve been rolling it on my neck and feet and on the kids’ feet as well. Raeca asks for it and both kids like to roll it on their own feet. Our colds have definitely been reduced this year and I definitely think essential oils in general have made that happen. Having this blend in a handy little roller means I remember to use it more which definitely means it’s more useful.

eater’s digest (digestion easing): to be honest, no one in the house has really needed this oil yet (yay!) so I can’t comment on whether or not it actually works for us but it smells really good!

stress release (reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation): I haven’t used this oil much because I personally don’t like the smell but I have been using it on Raeca a fair amount (down her neck and onto her shoulders), she asks for it a lot. I haven’t noticed a difference with her yet but this one might be one of those oils where the results take awhile to show.

pain release (reduces inflammation and relieves muscle pain): absolutely my favorite oil in the kit. Truthfully, my roller is almost empty. I use it on any sore muscles I have and it works in a matter of minutes. I also have a problem with achy knees, ankles and feet, I think they usually flare up in the cold weather and when I’ve been on my feet a lot, so almost every day lately. This has been happening to me for years and I never found anything that eased the pain until this oil. I just use the roller to put some on my hand and then rub my hand all over my knees and within a few minutes the pain goes away. I actually never even realized that my ankles and feet also hurt because the pain in my knees was so bad, the first time that I tried this after a few minutes my knees felt better but I noticed my ankles hurt so I added some oil there and then after a few minutes they felt better but I noticed my feet hurt . . . and since that time I’ve realized that they all hurt but my knees are just so much more that it was blocking out most of the other pain, so now when they get back I just rub the oil all over my knees, ankles and feet and within a few minutes I’m good to go! This is one that I will definitely be refilling over and over again!

Have you ever purchased from Saje? Any product suggestions?
Do you have any blends (from any company or that you’ve mixed yourself) that you find work really well? If so, please share!

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  1. I am definitely interested in that immunity oil. I stay sick and I’m tired of it!
    I can’t imagine that peppermint would help a headache. I usually use peppermint EO for antibacterial purposes. Maybe try patchouli? I’m pretty sure it’s an anti-inflammatory EO!

  2. It’s interesting to see what works for some and not for others. I’ve been using peppermint for my headaches and it works if it’s a more minor headache, but not so much if it’s a full blown migraine. Although, even when I have a migraine it still does help a bit.

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