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peach-orange ombre dresser

We’ve really been on a furniture restoration kick around here lately. It’s been weeks since we were able to park our van in the garage thanks to all the projects we’ve got going on in there (in the garage, not the van). 🙂

Jared had a week off a while ago so it was time for his first visit to our local thrift store -with how many times Rae and I have been in there I can hardly believe he hadn’t visited sooner.

When we entered the shop we saw this beauty waiting for us. I was instantly drawn to her. She’s not real wood which I kind of like, so much easier to move around! The sticker on the back of this lady says she was made in April 1968.

The photo above is actually very forgiving, the top of the dresser was pretty beat up, I used some wood filler on the top but you can still see some of her scars. Here another before where you can see the imperfections on the top a bit better:

I thought about how I was going to redo her and after going between a few different ideas we decided on a peach-orange ombre effect. And true to form I didn’t really take any photos during the process, but it was a long process. I went to the store on four separate occasions to get the paint colors and in the end the middle color was off anyway so I mixed the light and dark colors for the middle drawers.

And here is is after:

And the before and after in one shot:

What do you think of her? I’m hoping to put her in my entrance, which I still haven’t done. I’m afraid she might be a little bit big so I’m putting it off, hopefully she fits!

with love,

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  1. It looks great, Chantel! You guys really are on a furniture painting kick 🙂 I’d love to see how it looks in your entrance (when you get that far!)

  2. I absolutely LOVE it! What a great idea. Why should ombré only be for hair?

  3. Is this formica? I just bought a mid century dresser but its formica and I’m wondering if it’ll be hard to paint.

    1. Yes, it is Cynthia. I just sanded it down really well and primed it a few times. It’s holding up well so far!

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